Speedmaster CK2915-1 Is The Most Expensive Omega Watch Ever Sold

Speedmaster CK2915-1 Is The Most Expensive Omega Watch Ever Sold - Moniedism
At over 3.2 million USD, this Speedmaster is the most expensive Omega watch ever sold

A Speedmaster CK2915-1 was auctioned for over three million USD at the Geneva auction house Phillips. Never before has so much been paid for a timepiece from the Swiss watch brand.

The Omega Speedmaster CK2915-1 has far exceeded the previously estimated auction price of 86,000 to 130,000 USD. 

According to the original product documentation, the Speedmaster was manufactured on November 22, 1957.

The rare watch went under the hammer during the Phillips auction for a price of 3,36,0000 USD. This makes it not only the most expensive timepiece in the Speedmaster series ever sold, but also breaks the record as the most expensive Omega watch ever sold.

What makes the Speedmaster so valuable

The wristwatch with the black leather strap and chocolate-brown dial that was auctioned at the auction house in Geneva is part of the first “Omega Speedmaster” series, which was released in 1957 as part of Omega's “Professional” trilogy.

The watches with the reference CK2915 were made during the brief period from 1957 to 1959. The first version of this trilogy, the one with the designation CK2915-1, is particularly popular with collectors.

The Speedmaster watches with the designation CK2915-1 were the first chronographs whose tachymeter scale could not be seen on the dial but on the bezel.

The high price is not only justified by the rarity of the watch, but also by the condition of the auctioned model.

Speedmaster CK2915-1 Is The Most Expensive Omega Watch Photos - Moniedism

The company's official press release states that the Speedmaster has “aged perfectly”, although it lives an active life with mostly bright lights Sunshine has led. This explains why the color of the dial has changed to an even and “strong chocolate shade”.

According to Omega, one reason for the high price is that the watch has aged perfectly.

The first generation of the CK2915 is characterized by the broad “Broad Arrow” minute and hour hands, the metal bezel and the oval “O” of the Omega lettering on the dial.

It was also the first chronograph with a tachymeter scale on the bezel instead of the dial, and the first Speedmaster model to be powered by the robust 321 caliber movement.

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