Pros And Cons Of Starting A Business In Your 20s?

Pros And Cons Of Starting A Business In Your 20s? - Moniedism
Have you ever seen Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and others and found it appealing to start a business when you were young? Rapid growth shortly after its founding. A picture-perfect success story. There are many people who have experienced such words going round and round in their heads and not getting excited.

Nowadays, some people start a business in their teens, but in general, it seems that they are often conscious of "starting a business" for the first time in their 20s. And in that case, I think that the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business while "young" are worrisome. This time, I would like to take up this as a theme.

The disadvantages are clear

First of all, if you start a business in your twenties, the disadvantages are clear. Everyone can think of it right away. It is "inexperienced". And many of the other disadvantages of starting a business in your twenties are derived from this.

For example, I don't have many connections or I don't have much money ... Since I haven't worked for a few years or none at all, I often don't have many connections and I haven't saved money yet.

With that in mind, I feel that "starting a business in your twenties" is a disadvantage. However, on the contrary, there are many merits derived from being "young."

Benefits that can be realized only from "young"

Starting a business while you are young has the following benefits:

1. Have physical strength

This is the greatest privilege of youth. There are individual differences, but there is a big difference in physical fitness from those in their 30s and beyond. You may not realize it when you are in your twenties, but it is in your twenties that you can't do it the most.

2. I have time

Especially for students, they have more time than working adults. If you have never got a job, you may not realize this, but once you become a member of society, you will have to spend more time with people besides working hours, making it difficult for you to have your own time.

3. Even if it fails, there is the next

Being young also means that you can start over. Even if you make a mistake, you still have the strength and energy to try again. Therefore, it is easy to take bold challenges.

There is a way to overcome the disadvantages of "youth"

In addition, what is thought to be a disadvantage due to "youth" can actually be overcome or turned into an advantage.

For example, "inexperienced" also means "soft head". Therefore, it is more likely that you will come up with an original idea. The "lack of connections" can also be overcome by the younger generation today by using "social media" and participating in the entrepreneurial community. And even the lack of financial resources may be solved by venture capital, investors, and in modern times, crowdfunding.

Also, in the case of student entrepreneurship, there are various strengths that general companies do not have, such as horizontal connections, information gathering speed between students, and profit sharing methods such as labor costs.


As you can see, there are many benefits to starting a business in your twenties. There are many people who have actually started a business in their 20s and succeeded.

However, first of all, I would like to fully consider whether I can do it, considering the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business while I am young, and my strengths and weaknesses. After that, it is advisable to actually make the decision whether to start a business.

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