Celebrity And Wealthy Babysitters Luxurious Lifestyle

Tiffany Norris - a nanny of rich childrens - moniedism
Tiffany Norris a nanny who is hired by the rich and famous has revealed how her job affords her all the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle, including private jet transportation, expensive gifts, cash bonuses, and an annual salary of up to £120,000.

What she say about her job?

"While there are generous perks to the job, there are also challenges that come with working for clients with high demands and big budgets," said caretaker for Outstanding Children, Tiffany Norris. Skills such as skiing, self-defense, and how to dodge the paparazzi.

Babysitting Services to Celebrity And Wealthy Peoples

Tiffany Norris, who runs a foundation to provide nannies, says she has celebrities, bankers, doctors and businessmen, while Shada, a nanny affiliated with the foundation, said she earns up to £110,000 a year, noting that the job allows her to mingle with the rich and famous "while still living." humble life.

Tiffany Norris with her client private jet for babysitting job - moniedism

Tiffany Norris, nannies and other family professionals for high net worth individuals since 2016, has been providing the service, she says, designed to make the lives of wealthy families as smooth and stress-free as possible .

"I am often asked to find nannies for families including high profile celebrities in London and Los Angeles, often wanting 'several' nannies - one just won't work," Tiffany said.

Tiffany set up the foundation in 2016 and has since worked with celebrities, lawyers, bankers, doctors and entrepreneurs to help them with everything from finding a nanny to preparing vacation homes for children and preparing hospital rooms for childbirth.

Service Charges

She says she charges "between £120 to £300 an hour" and has traveled around the world sorting customer orders .

Precious Gifts by Clients

Tiffany noted that she received a Cartier watch as a gift as a thank you for her effort and a customer offered her exclusive use of a holiday home in South Africa.

Tiffany says she now has a waiting list, and adds that every nanny in her office has experience with high net worth families or celebrities.

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