Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination

Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - Moniedism
Its charming and picturesque nature, its clear beaches, its famous caves and bays, are all components of the island of Capri, which made it one of the most popular Italian destinations, and a favorite destination for many stars and celebrities who go to tourism, rest and recreation, such as: Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, and Julia Roberts , Demi Moore, and Will Smith .

Isle of Capri is located «Capri» in the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Gulf of Naples, the province of Campania southern Italy, known to the Arabs in ancient times as «lark», and is a tourist destination since ancient Rome, enjoy owning many of turquoise water beaches net, caves and winding alleys, narrow streets , jewelry and handicraft stores, and wonderful hotels .

On the other hand, the island of Capri is divided into the city of Capri, which is the center of the island full of tourists that suits fans of the city’s atmosphere, markets and stores of international brands such as Prada, Chanel, Hermes and others, youth restaurants and so on.

As for the other part of the island, it is known as “Anacapri” in which the citizens reside. It has a quiet atmosphere suitable for relaxation and recreation away from the noise of the city .

Arco Naturale

Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - Arco Naturale - Moniedism
Or what is known as the “natural arch” is one of the most beautiful tourist places that can be enjoyed in “Capri”, which is a natural arch from the remains of a collapsed limestone cave on the eastern coast of the island, dating back to the Paleolithic era, and is easily accessible by Boat road .

Blue cave

Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - The Blue Grotto Capri - Moniedism
Perhaps the experience of visiting the Blue Grotto or “Blue Grotta” is one of the most unforgettable experiences when you visit Capri, especially that your visit to the cave takes place by boat to enter the cave, which is characterized by blue water due to the light that enters from the niche of the cave, which is 20 kilometers deep .


Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - sea food - Moniedism
And your visit to any Italian city means eating Italian pizza and pasta of all kinds, covered with delicious fresh tomato sauce, but Capri restaurants are distinguished by their reliance on fish and seafood such as shrimp, calamari, oysters and others, being an island overlooking the sea .

Among the island's most famous restaurants is the 120-year-old "Aurora" restaurant, which is a destination for many celebrities and stars such as: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cat Merry, Orlando Blue, whose pictures you will see hanging on the restaurant's walls when visiting .

And you should not miss the opportunity to eat the “fried mozzarella” dish, which is fried mozzarella cheese with sliced   tomatoes, as well as the vitello dish, which is meat with mayonnaise and tuna sauce, and the “bel malinese” dish, which is fried meat .


Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - Gelato - Moniedism
As for desserts, do not forget the Italian gelato, that is, the Italian ice cream that you will eat with exotic and new flavors that you have not previously eaten, such as Parmesan cheese ice cream, for example, where the “Gelateria Unicor” shop is one of the most famous gelato shops in Capri, in addition to offering a range of delicious baked goods .

Unique designs

Capri Island - Turquoise Beaches And Celebrity Destination - Unique designs - Moniedism
Capri restaurants enjoy their unique designs in terms of decor and colors that reflect the spirit of Capri, the island covered in green and blue colors, and its rocky street paths.

To the Loventine restaurant, which is characterized by its blue wooden seats and its thatched roof, where you will eat dishes of oysters and grilled shrimp, and we advise you to try the “risotto” dish. » With seafood.

As for the "Paulino Capri" restaurant, it is characterized by a ceiling covered with fruits and lemon leaves, and it serves food with dishes painted with lemon, and is famous for its lemon chicken dish .

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