8 Smart Home Essentials For Living

8 Smart Home Essentials For Living - Moniedism
We will show you 8 Smart Home Essentials For Living. Networked and smart devices and systems for the household have been around for a long time. But you look better and better now.

With just one tap of the finger, the windows can be darkened, the lights dimmed and the room temperature increased for the evening TV.

If you open the window, the heating phase is automatically interrupted and, thanks to heat sensors, the lawn sprinkler starts automatically on hot summer days, the sun blinds are extended and the fan starts working inside.

Smart devices and systems can do more and more, are always easier to use and at the same time always look better. If you get involved in smart technology, you can enjoy more comfort and security and can save energy at the same time.

8 Smart Home Essentials For Living

Smart pieces are part of everyday life today. So you don't need to be afraid of the technologies anymore.

The manufacturers attach great importance to the fact that a smart home system or device can be set up within a very short time without further help or technical knowledge.

You should only have an up-to-date smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. Because most of the solutions are controlled via an app.

Ideally, you also bring along a bit of enthusiasm for the new achievement. After all, you will deal with it intensively, especially at the beginning, until everything is set as desired.

1. Auping: For a relaxed sleep - without snoring noises

Auping - Smart Base bed system with anti-snoring function - Moniedism

The bed manufacturer Auping and its Smart Base bed system are designed to help with snoring nights: The electrically adjustable spring base can be combined with an anti-snoring function.

The Auping Connect app measures the volume (dB) in the bedroom. You can determine this yourself beforehand. If it increases while snoring, the bed reacts by lifting the back section slightly. This opens the airways and reduces snoring. Or else, the back of the bed moves briefly so that you turn on your side.

2. Dyson: For the purified indoor air

Dyson - Purifier Cool Formaldehyde - Moniedism

The DysonPurifier Cool Formaldehyde” air purifier filters pollutants such as PM10, PM2.5, VOC gases or NO2 from the air thanks to its fully sealed HEPA-13 standard filter. These occur due to environmental pollution, but also during household activities such as cooking or cleaning.

Its formaldehyde detection is a novelty. Thanks to its new solid-state formaldehyde sensor technology, the device detects ultra-fine dust and allergens and even destroys potentially dangerous, volatile organic compounds - including formaldehyde.

This is a gas that is released from furniture made of chipboard, fiberboard (MDF) or plywood, for example, or that can escape from carpets, curtains or do-it-yourself products such as paint, wallpaper, varnish and household cleaners. The pollutant load is shown in real time on the display.

3. Netamo: For the individual comfort temperature

Netatmo radiator thermostats - Moniedism

The Netatmo radiator thermostats analyze the room environment in real time and adjust the heating to solar radiation and room usage. They also recognize when a window is open. Then they reduce the power so that no energy is wasted.

The temperature can be set individually for each room. The whole thing is controlled via an app - from the sofa or from anywhere in the world. In this way, the heating can easily be programmed for the time of your return from vacation.

4. Sonos: For the right tones in every room

Sonos loudspeakers - Moniedism

Whether the same music is played in each room or individually different, this is no problem for the wireless speakers from Sonos.

The compact devices are controlled via voice, the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2. They also work with all streaming services; Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, TuneIn, Google Play Music, YouTube Music and many more.

Another plus: Thanks to their timeless design, the speakers fit into almost any room. No matter whether on the kitchen counter or discreetly placed on the bookshelf. Since the device is moisture-proof, it can even be set up in the bathroom.

5. Roomba: For clean floors

5.  Roomba robot vacuum - Moniedism

Time-controlled or started by app, the Roomba robot vacuum from irobot cleans your floors - even when you are not at home. You can also focus on certain areas of a room, for example the area in front of the sofa or under the dining table. The robot is then sent directly to the areas to be cleaned.

The device is also programmed in such a way that it makes individual suggestions for actions that you may not even have thought of yourself; For example, additional cleaning in the allergy season or when pets are changing their coat.

6. Ikea Smart Lighting: For intelligent lighting control

6. TRÅDFRI Smart Home App- Moniedism

Ikea not only has Scandinavian-style furniture, but also its own smart home portfolio . This consists of bulbs for retrofitting existing lamps, intelligent built-in lights, light panels and various dimmers.

The TRÅDFRI Smart Home App turns the smartphone into a control center. With just a tip of your finger you can switch the light on or off or regulate the light intensity depending on the occasion.

It is also possible to use a timer to determine when the light should wake you, when all the lights should switch off automatically or when the lighting should pretend that you are at home - even if you are on vacation.

7. Ring: For a clear picture on your doorstep

Ring offers a doorbell with a camera function - Moniedism

The manufacturer Ring offers a doorbell with a camera function, the image of which can be transferred to your phone, tablet or PC. You can speak to any visitors from anywhere in real time.

8. Gardena: For the smart way of gardening

Gardena Smart System - Moniedism

The Smart System from Gardena combines garden maintenance, irrigation, lawn care and more in one system.

The lawnmower or the irrigation system is controlled via the app, so that you can take care of the garden when you are not there.

Sensors that measure the soil moisture in order to optimize irrigation, but also a plant library are further plus points with this system. It goes without saying that operation on the app is simple and straightforward.

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