8 Loudspeaker With Unique Design

8 Loudspeaker With Unique Design - Moniedism
Bulky sound boxes are a thing of the past. Today the sound bodies look like flashing UFOs and organic sculptures.

How times have changed: many years ago people gathered for some entertainment in front of the massive, brightly flashing Wurlitzer jukebox to play their favorite songs with a little change. Later you could afford your own stereo system, equipped with tower-like, bulky box boxes. In the meantime, however, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies enable almost unlimited possibilities in the design of soundboxes.

Top 8 Loudspeaker with unique design

Wireless and portable Bluetooth speakers are today's favorite gadget of the moment. A series of innovative devices that combine great sound with imaginative design proves that formally there is also a different way of doing things than just rigid cubes and compact cylinder shapes. We show 8 favorites for on the go and at home:

1. "Horizon Light Up Speaker" from Louis Vuitton

1. Horizon Light Up Speaker from Louis Vuitton - Moniedism

The Parisian luxury brand Louis Vuitton, famous for exclusive handbags and luggage, has a new object of desire in its range: a few weeks ago the Maison launched its Horizon Light Up Speaker , a portable speaker in the shape of a UFO and the iconic "Toupie" handbag modeled on.

The loudspeaker offers all-round sound and can be carried by the handle, placed on the side or placed upright.

The gadget is touted as an elegant lifestyle companion for multi-sensory experiences: Ultimate listening experiences meet exciting design in fine monogram leather with metal elements and colored flashing monogram logos. That reminds a bit of the good old Wurlitzer jukebox.

Already 3000 pieces were sold on the day of the launch , as Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke recently told the industry portal "WWD". So if you want to get another one, you better hurry up.
Price: USD 2900.

2. «éternelle» by Franck Genser

2. éternelle by Franck Genser - Moniedism

“Enceinte” is the French term not only for the word “pregnant”, but apparently also for loudspeakers. A poetic object that unites the two terms in one is the éternelle design by the Parisian design studio Franck Genser: The egg-shaped sculpture works without electricity and is a feast for the eyes even when not in use and in silence.

The matt-shining surface is made of bisque porcelain, made in the traditional porcelain town of Limoges. Modeled on the simple system of a concert shell, the loudspeaker box amplifies the sound of a cell phone. You simply place your smartphone in the slot provided inside this porcelain ice cream.
Price: USD 750.

3. "Beosound Edge" by Laurent x Bang & Olufsen

3. Beosound Edge by Laurent x Bang & Olufsen - Moniedism

The Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen is known for high-quality loudspeaker boxes in a cool design. Like an avant-garde sculpture, the “Beosound Edge” , for example , is a disc lying on its edge with a round aluminum frame.

This “home speaker” reacts to touch: the volume can be adjusted with a slight push in any direction. On the side surface you can regulate start, stop and song change with one touch.

In addition to the regular version in brass, bronze or silver , there has recently been a particularly sophisticated, highly limited version with a black marble aesthetic.

The look of the Saint Laurent x Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge comes from Anthony Vaccarello, creative director of the Parisian fashion brand Saint Laurent.

This strictly limited collection is only available in the stores Saint Laurent Rive Droite in Paris, Saint Laurent Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and in the webshop (EU).
Price: USD 6550.

4. "LSPX-S3" glass loudspeaker from Sony

4. LSPX-S3 glass loudspeaker from Sony - Moniedism

The latest launch from Sony is a wireless loudspeaker with a glass element: the "LSPX-S3" , a curved base with a cylindrical glass part, is reminiscent of an oil lamp and also flickers like candlelight.

The device appeals to a design-savvy clientele who value a harmonious atmosphere and at the same time appreciate the advantages of a high-tech gadget.

The "LSPX-S3" is a companion at any time of the day in your own four walls. In its compact format, the device can be easily carried around, the battery lasts for up to 8 hours.

An integrated microphone enables calls in the home office; At the end of the day, the light source can be adjusted to suit the mood by moving the touch sensor. Or you can synchronize it so that it pulsates to the beat of the music.

An automatic sleep timer ensures that you fall asleep in soft light. It should be added that less than 5 percent of the packaging material is plastic.
Price: USD 350.

5. "SA VOICE" by Sound Aesthetics

5. SA VOICE by Sound Aesthetics - Moniedism

The Dutch brand Sound Aesthetics develops audio equipment for modern minimalists. Your SA VOICE wifi speakers are discreet, flat panels with interchangeable grille surfaces. Subjects range from abstract, geometric patterns and shapes to roughly pixelated black and white views, for example of iconic buildings or landscapes.

The “4 x 4” quadruple version is the ultimate. Not only the design is convincing: According to various reviews, the sound quality is also excellent. The devices are produced in Europe.
Price: From USD 2000.

6. "Gomi Speaker" by Gomi Design

6. Gomi Speaker by Gomi Design - Moniedism

As a sign of environmental sustainability, Kickstarter has these speakers from the London design studio Gomi Design . The shell of this marbled block is made of non-recyclable plastic waste such as plastic bags or bubble wrap made of polyethylene.

These 25 watt portable mono speakers are powered by recycled batteries from London's Lime e-bikes. For stereo sound, you simply couple two devices together.
Price: from USD 250.

7. "Acoustic Sculpture" Transparent

7. Acoustic Sculpture Transparent - Moniedism

The Swedish audio brand Transparent is known for its cool, simple, transparent boxes. The Acoustic Sculpture loudspeaker is also exciting. The name says it all: the device is a sounding sculpture. The design was inspired by organic shapes such as ears and shells.

Hand-molded by brand founder Per Brickstad, the design is made to order as a 3D casting, the surface is sprayed with the composite material Jesmonit. The top class wireless home theater speaker is 44 centimeters high and weighs 7 kilograms.
Price: USD 3500.

8. "Pantheone I" by Pantheone

8. Pantheone I by Pantheone - Moniedism

With its two horns that bend into a curvy egg shape, this device clearly stands out from other speakers: The Pantheone I from the Australian brand Pantheone is a remarkable object even without sound. According to creative director Anne-Claire Bottos, both Rome's pantheon and light architecture served as inspiration.

The 65 centimeter sculpture is a sound system with eight loudspeakers, the playback quality adapts to the respective environment. Also integrated is an Alexa system from Amazon and a dedicated app to set your own personal sound.
Price: USD 2500.

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