What Is Diversity Management?

What is Diversity Management? - Moniedism

The purpose of diversity management is to "improve management effectiveness"

What Is Diversity Management?

"Diversity management" refers to "management that utilizes diverse human resources, provides opportunities to maximize their abilities, and leads to the creation of value."

In other words, it can be said to provide a place where employees can work with enthusiasm, but it is not just for welfare purposes. The real purpose is to find and solve problems by demonstrating the abilities of diverse human resources, and as a result, to achieve management results.

Diversity Management In Companies

As globalization progresses, companies need to accurately grasp diversifying customer needs and create new revenue opportunities. We also need to be able to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing market environment and have the ability to act quickly to turn a pinch into an opportunity.

In order to respond to such diversifying needs and changes in the environment, companies should continuously create unprecedented value by diversifying the quality of employees and providing a place where they can demonstrate their abilities. Isn't it possible?

The management effect also has synergistic effects such as improving the brand image.

There are four main management effects of diversity management.

1. Development of novel products

By bringing together knowledge, experience, and values   from different fields, diverse human resources create "new ideas" and contribute to the new development and improvement of products and services.

2. Improving management efficiency

Improve the efficiency of the process for developing, manufacturing and selling products and services by pursuing work styles that enable diverse human resources to demonstrate their abilities.

3. Improving brand image

Utilizing diverse human resources and the results produced from them will increase the reputation of customers and the market, and contribute to improving customer satisfaction and brand image.

4. Improving motivation

By creating an environment where you can demonstrate your abilities, you can expect to increase your motivation and change to a rewarding workplace.

In particular,
・ Arousing motivation and gaining an advantage in competition through the active participation of female managers
・ Acceleration of technological development by female employees from the perspective of consumers who discover and solve customer issues
・ Health beauty business and store business breakthrough and business development through the active participation of excellent women
Such cases are given.

Diversity management is no longer indispensable for companies operating globally. It is becoming increasingly important as a corporate strategy to utilize diverse human resources such as women, the elderly, and foreigners.

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