The 20 Best Airlines In The World

The 20 Best Airlines In The World - Moniedism

In addition to the usual ranking criteria so far, the reaction to the coronavirus has been included this year.
There is no need to explain why aviation was catastrophic last year. Virtually all of the airlines ’aircraft remained on the ground in 2020, so it would have been difficult to classify them. However, as the planes returned to the air pretty slowly,, which ranks every year, also ranked the airlines.

Ranking Report

Although the report is compiled in November each year, it has now been postponed to summer for understandable reasons. Of course, the strange year was accompanied by other ranking criteria: in addition to the age of the crew, airline services and passenger ratings, this year also included how companies responded to the coronavirus epidemic.

Qatar Airways Tops and Other Airlines Achievements

All in all, Qatar Airways tops the list again after six years. This is a great achievement because in the past six years, Air New Zealand has been unbreakable from the throne - they didn’t fall big anyway, they just slipped to second place.

The merit of Qatar Airways was primarily its rapid response to the pandemic and the creation of safe travel. Third place was taken home by Singapore Airline, which also had the best first class according to the juries.

Virgin Australia, which had the most professional staff, and Qantas, which were able to provide the best airport lounge, also won special prizes .

In the low-cost category, EasyJet was the best in Europe, Southwest in the Americas and Jetstar in Asia.

The 20 best airlines in the world

1. Qatar Airways
2. Air New Zealand
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Qantas
5. Emirates
6. Cathay Pacific
7. Virgin Atlantic
8. United Airlines
9. EVA Air
10. British Airways
11. Lufthansa
12. ANA
13. Finnair
14. Japan Air Lines
15. KLM
16. Hawaiian Airlines
17. Alaska Airlines
18. Virgin Australia
19. Delta Air Lines
20. Etihad Airways

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