7 Types Of Entrepreneurs

7 Types Of Entrepreneurs - Moniedism

Entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business can be classified into several types. Those who are already entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs will not be surprised to find out what type of entrepreneur they will be because they have essential qualities.

Knowing these seven types can be helpful to anyone who has started a business but is not happy with the business or wants to start a business and succeed.

What are the qualities required for entrepreneurship?

What are the qualities you need as an entrepreneur? Harvard Business School professor Howard Stephenson briefly defines it as "pursuing opportunities beyond controllable resources." Another expert says word-of-mouth practice, personality, open-mindedness, communication, and social contribution.

However, almost no one knows what qualities are required to start a business or become an entrepreneur, and after acquiring those qualities, start a business. With this idea, it is common for people to start a business thinking that this business plan or business model is sure to succeed or to pursue it because starting a business is a dream.

Seven types of entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about starting a business

It is neither the type of introduction that succeeds in starting a business nor the type of introduction that such a person succeeds in starting a business. But let's get acquainted with the seven types that are common in reality and use them as a reference for overcoming your weaknesses.

1. Manager type

An entrepreneurial type who has just escaped the first dangerous period by being involved in entrepreneurship and raising funds. I call myself an entrepreneur because I was involved in entrepreneurship, but in reality, I am more like a manager. You're not an entrepreneur, you're just a finance manager.

2. Failure straight line type

The type of entrepreneur who fails everything. People who are dissatisfied and have failed to start a business even before they started are deeply greedy, but for some reason, this type does not give up on starting a business.

There are people around you who are dissatisfied. Let's really start a business and let yourself be dissatisfied.

3. Lifestyle type

I'm the type who just wants to dream of an entrepreneur and play that role, and has an idea of entrepreneurship but takes no action. It may be a consultant, no consultant level, who just recommends companies around.

4. Cash flow type

I'm the type who doesn't think about anything other than money. Profit is paramount in business, but vision, business goals, and social contribution are also essential. You cannot say that you started a business with just a money account.

It may work positively, but I would like you to carry out a proactive business.

5. The type who wants to be an entrepreneur

I'm the type who keeps working at the company but thinks I can be an entrepreneur. We want good ideas, money to live in a year or two, and a guarantee that you will make a profit right away. However, it does not take risks and does not try to move forward. I'm sure you shouldn't start a business.

6. Headline type

A type that seeks only fame, prioritizing appearing on the front page of newspapers over the business. Even if it appears on the front page of the newspaper, you have to connect it to sales and profits.

7. Philanthropist type

A type of person who prioritizes charity rather than money and cannot succeed as a good entrepreneur.


You have to know what types of entrepreneurs fail and make an effort not to. The types mentioned here are helpful in that sense. Those who fit into more than one type should be aware of their shortcomings and be careful not to become the type described here.

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