5 Qualities Required Of A Good Leader?

5 Qualities Required Of A Good Leader? - Moniedism

What are the 5 qualities required of a Good Leader?

Leader role

A leader is not just about attracting people, but also about sharing the awareness of the team, presenting the path to achieving goals, and carrying out the assigned tasks. Not only the results, but also the motivation of the whole team and individual growth must be considered. Here are five elements that a good leader needs.

1. Present a clear vision and motivate the whole team

The content and goals of the project, the path to achievement, and the leader must first have the ability to clearly present them. To that end, it is important to draw a vision from both the time axis of the past, present, and future, and the physical axis of human resources, abilities, materials, and costs.

What kind of past achievements are used in planning the project, what is the current situation, and where is the goal in the future? Specifically, it must be shared by the team.

Also, show who plays what role at each point and how much manpower, materials, and expenses are required. That way, each person can understand their role and need. It's important for the entire team to present a vision that makes them feel "needed."

2. Be aware of communication methods and use them properly

Once you have presented your vision, you need communication skills to convey it. You have to tell the whole team "why do you do this project" and "what it brings". The point is to be aware that the communication method is different when communicating to everyone at the same time and when communicating individually.

When communicating content and goals to everyone at meetings, try to use simple and easy-to-understand words and keep them concise. It is important that everyone understands and conveys the enthusiasm of the leader.

Then, in individual communication, let's explain in detail "Why do you need you for this job". Here, rather than emotional enthusiasm, let's emphasize concrete points such as "Your ability is appropriate for this role" and "This role has the potential for your growth".

3. Shake-free positioning to gain trust

In order to make the people on the team think "let's follow", it is important that the position of the leader does not change. The most important thing for that is honesty.

Individual humans have different personalities and it is difficult to match them with everyone. But a good leader must separate it and be honest with everyone's work.

Specifically, they are neutral, such as respecting the harmony of the team, recognizing that the results belong to everyone, not their own, being unfriendly, having objectivity, and not putting their shoulders on a specific subordinate. Keeping the leaders consistent will help improve the coordination of the entire team.

4. The leader himself is creative and challenging

Will the people of the team follow the leader who is not trying to grow and tells him to "grow, challenge"? It is also a condition of a good leader to keep studying for self-growth. To do this, it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, how to make the most of your strengths, and how to make up for your weaknesses.

Also, if the leader is creative and challenging, it will be easier for the people on the team to come up with creative ideas. On the other hand, if the leader is conservative, even if his subordinates have new ideas and abilities, they may not be able to take advantage of them. First of all, if the leader has an attitude that is not afraid of failure, other people can also have that attitude.

5. Be aware of how to raise your subordinates to develop their strengths

"If you have to give it a try, tell it, let it know, and praise it, people will move." Very important above. It can be said that this word is packed with the basic process of raising subordinates. The process is to "set an example," "explain, and answer the questions of your subordinates," "make them do it," and "find the strengths of their subordinates' work, no matter what the outcome."

Of course, sometimes you need to scold. However, if the basic method of raising is not solid, it will be unacceptable to subordinates. Finding the strengths of your opponent is an essential ability for a good leader.
For better leadership

Regardless of the size of the team, it is important for leaders themselves to always be aware of growth and self-confirmation. Compare your qualities with the five conditions to find out more about leadership.

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