Eviation Aircraft Has Unveiled Its Alice Electric Jet

Eviation Aircraft Has Unveiled Its Alice Electric Jet - Moniedism

Startup Eviation Aircraft has unveiled its Alice electric jet, which can accommodate up to nine passengers and fly about 800 kilometers. It is the world’s first all-electric commuter aircraft.  Built to make flight the sustainable, affordable, quiet solution to regional travel.


Israeli-American startup Eviation Aircraft has unveiled the first electric aircraft, Alice, that will be able to make affordable regional travel around the world.

The concept of an electric aircraft was first presented in 2018. Then it was slightly different from the final version. The aircraft originally had a science fiction-inspired look with three propellers located on the tail and on each of the wings.


Three years later, the company revised some details and replaced the Alice design with a more sophisticated and traditional one. Instead of three screws, two were left, moving them from the wings to the tail of the aircraft. They will be powered by a MagniX electric motor.

Eviation Aircraft Alice Design - Moniedism

The new electric plane will be able to accommodate nine passengers and two pilots. Eviation says the Alice will be able to reach a top speed of approximately 400 kilometers per hour and a range of 800 kilometers.

Zero Emission

The aircraft will have zero emissions, and thanks to electric propulsion, the cabin noise will be significantly lower compared to other passenger aircraft. A fly-by-wire control system will appear to assist the pilot.

Regional Flights

Eviation hopes the new electric aircraft will be able to launch regional flights soon. “Electric aviation will continue to provide new opportunities for affordable and sustainable regional travel around the world. Alice is ready to make this opportunity a reality in the near future,” said Omer Bar-Yohai, CEO of Eviation Aircraft.

Eviation believe the new era of air mobility will be defined by those dedicated to bringing engineering innovation and the pioneering spirit of aviation to life, every day.


The company expects to receive all the necessary certifications and start operating Alice by 2024.

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