How To Live A Rich And Enjoyable Life Without Spending Money

How To Live a Rich And Enjoyable Life Without Spending Money - Moniedism

What do you need to live affluently? Can everyone be "happy" if they have money? The answer is No. Money is just a way to experience something. Wealth is something you can never plan with or without money.

This time, we have summarized 10 pearls of wisdom you need to know to live affluently. If you have something that you would like to make use of, please give it a try.

How to enjoy life without spending money

What is affluence? I have a lot of money ...? The answer is "NO"!

Human, I don't want to lose this or that while I have a position. But if I let go, I just remember that I was so busy. Humans should settle down in the most comfortable life. Because it is made.

Not having money can be painful. However, there are many people who are suffering even if they have money. Is money really the reason for the pain? If you spend your time unaware of it, you will lose your life. You can live affluently with only a little money-this time we will give you such a secret.

1. Take good care of your time

Take good care of your time. Are you wasting your time? A person who has a lot of drawers to spend a lot of time is a rich person.

2. Keep a simple meal in mind

Lots of information, lots of shops, lots of temptations. Are you worried about every day when your desire to eat is aroused?

Is eating so important in the first place? People in the old days had a much stronger body than us modern people, even though they ate the same food every day and lived modestly. I have to eat this and that too ...! You don't have to think. Ultimately, humans can survive for days even if they only drink water ... the point is that it is a matter of feeling.

3. Try not to eat too much

A characteristic of modern people is the disease of overeating. If you eat until you are full ... To digest what you eat, the burden on the digestive organs such as the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine will increase, and the stress on the body will increase. First of all, try to make your daily meal "the eighth minute of your stomach", and if you gradually reduce the amount of food you eat, your desire to eat will naturally decrease.

It is said that two meals a day is OK to live a healthy life every day (* There are individual differences). Grains such as rice and wheat, some kinds of vegetables, and proteins such as beans, meat, fish, and eggs. You can live well every day just by eating these.

4. Walking is a luxury hobby

Did you know that there is a walking path called "Philosophy Road" in Kyoto, Japan? It seems that people can think faster by walking.

Walk while thinking, walk on new roads you don't know yet, touch the changing seasons, meet cats and birds on the roadside, people walking dogs, meet new shops and landscapes ... It's always full of glittering discoveries.

5. Don't be afraid to get old

Fear makes life cramped. I'm alive, so I'll live. Thinking so roughly, it's okay at all. Life can be enjoyed no matter how many times it becomes.

6. Decorate planters and flowers in a small space

Plants have the power to soothe the mind. The act of raising will also nurture a rich feeling. Just decorating a glass in your house with a single flower will make you feel much better.

7. Take advantage of auctions and old ones

There are many ways to get cheap and good items such as used clothing, used books, used general stores, auctions, and flea markets. It's also recycled, so it's kind to the earth.

8. Let's utilize rental

Cars, homes, villas, books, music, movies, branded items, etc ... Isn't there anything in the world that can't be rented? There are various rental services. If you make good use of them, you can have a good time without spending money.

9. Treasure time for good conversation

Talking to someone is the best luxury time. Life will become more and more prosperous if we can have conversations that make each other feel rich.

10. Sleep is the best refreshment

When you're tired, it's best to sleep! I'm even more tired just to make a schedule if I'm doing a lot of research for refreshment. In such a case, it is a good idea to fall asleep.

Get plenty of sleep to refresh your mind and brain and welcome tomorrow. If you can't sleep, you can just lie down. Just lying down and closing your eyes will help your brain and body recover.

It's a waste of time to rush to sleep! Think about fun things, imagine the future you want to be, and yourself.


To live affluently means to spend abundant time. No matter how much money you have at your disposal, you cannot feel "happiness" without abundant time.

You may need money to gain experience, but stop and think about it. Is it really something you can't get without spending money? What do I really need to live affluently? Sometimes it may be good to stop and think about it.

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