What Is Metacognition? How To Survive A Stressed Society

What Is Metacognition? How To Survive A Stressed Society - Moniedism

If you're in business, you need to deal with people who don't fit your personality or who have different opinions. Also, even like-minded people can sometimes have disagreements. 

The human friction that occurs at that time becomes stress, and you may not be able to exert your original strength, which may lead to new stress. 

How about using "metacognition" to strengthen your thinking and mentality in order to play an active role in your own way in today's so-called "stressed society"?

What is Metacognition and Cognitive Model - Moniedism

What Is Metacognition that objectively views oneself

"Metacognition" refers to taking a bird's-eye view of one's cognitive self from a higher level and objectively observing one's feelings, thoughts, and actions. "Metacognition" is one of the fields of psychology that has been actively studied in recent years, and was studied by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2015. Specific examples of "metacognition" are as follows.

Suppose you're rude in business and you feel uncomfortable. At that time, I thought about what words I was angry with and what I felt about what I was angry with, such as "I was frustrated because of this word" and "I was frustrated when I saw this attitude". It can be said that "metacognition" is functioning if one's feelings and thoughts are objectively grasped. If you are in this state, you will be able to control your feelings and respond calmly, even if you have something to say, so that things will not get worse.

On the other hand, if you can't control your feelings and make a mistake and make the other person even more angry, it means that "metacognition" is not working.

In other words, if "metacognition" is functioning sufficiently, the other self, the "homunculus," is objectively looking at himself as a superficial consciousness, so it is possible to improve the situation without making it worse. .. On the other hand, if the "homunculus" hides behind and the "meta function" is not functioning sufficiently, the situation will be exacerbated by emotions.

When metacognitive ability is low, "inadvertent mistakes increase" and "same mistakes are repeated" are prominent. If such mistakes are repeated at the crucial point, you will feel depressed, attack yourself, and become stressed.

How to improve metacognitive ability

Then, what should we do to make "metacognition" function sufficiently and enhance its ability?
"Metacognition" has two main components, "metacognitive knowledge" and "metacognitive activity".

In order to improve metacognitive ability, it is important to acquire knowledge and judgment materials for recognition through metacognitive knowledge and to "look back" with awareness of metacognitive activities. The point is to look back on your own actions, find out the cause, reflect on it, and devise countermeasures for the next and subsequent times.

When looking back on yourself, it is important to understand your own situation at that time. First, write down how you acted in order, and add the process at that time. When writing, separate your own "what you can / cannot do" and "what you want to do / do not want to do". By doing so, you will be able to know what you are doing to reach the result, and you will be able to understand your abilities, limits, weaknesses, and what you are looking for.

Also, if you are in a state of high emotions due to criticism, write in your diary or blog what is unpleasant and what you are dissatisfied with, and objectively express your thoughts in words and figures to express your thoughts. Visualize and self-monitor what you are doing. Next, based on the monitoring results, think about what to do in the future and what to do, and control your thoughts. Try your own policies, monitor them, and see what you can improve.

In this way, repeated monitoring and control trains your thinking and allows you to see yourself objectively. Not only that, but repeated thinking improves metacognitive abilities, allowing you to pattern your thoughts and actions, "not repeating the same worries" and "recreating past successes."

Metacognition to control one's feelings

"Metacognition" is an effective method for self-reform. If you can use "metacognition" to develop a habit of looking calmly and objectively no matter what happens, you will be able to develop stress tolerance and control yourself. By doing so, I think we will be able to overcome the rapidly changing business environment.

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