What Is Exponential Thinking? The Power To Survive This Era

What Is Exponential Thinking? The Power To Survive This Era - Moniedism

Exponential Results Requires Exponential Thinking and High Performance Teamworking with Growth Oriented Mindsets. - Tony Dovale

In December 2015, Nomura Research Institute announced a shocking survey result that more than "50% of World's working population can be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots." 

Although there are pros and cons to the results of this survey, many people may feel that the evolution of technology has accelerated in our immediate surroundings, resulting in many innovations. "Exponential Thinking" provides guidance on how to live in this uncertain era.

What is exponential thinking?

Exponential thinking is one of the main themes taught at Singularity University, which the author also attended. The university is an educational institution that studies how to survive this era with exponential thinking.

Ray Kurzweil, co-founder, and futurist at Singularity University, predicts that technology will reach a "technological singularity" that goes beyond human intelligence in the near future. 

According to Kurzweil, singularity is just a passing point, and the day may come when technology will grow at an accelerating rate and the speed of future evolution will be infinite. There is a good chance that the next 10 years will bring about big changes that we have never thought of before.

Ray Kurzweil - Technological Singularity - Moniedism

The speed of this technological evolution is exponential, and in the future, it will be necessary to choose a way of life that corresponds to that speed. The author states that exponential thinking is necessary to capture changes in the external environment, take a bird's-eye view of technology, and raise a "moon shot" based on that consideration to achieve dramatic growth.

An era when ants defeat elephants

Now is the time when ants can easily defeat elephants. For example, Amazon was founded in 1994, just over 20 years ago. The company, which started its business in its home garage as an online bookstore, grew quickly and is said to have become one of the causes of the bankruptcy of the No. 2 bookstore chain "Borders" in the United States. And as of 2018, it has become an amazing presence for major retailers such as Wal-Mart, proclaiming "the most abundant product lineup on the planet".

Not only that. In 2006, Amazon released the cloud service "AWS" for enterprises, and turned the hardware into a service with a monthly charge. Many companies around the world have now adopted AWS as their system infrastructure, surpassing Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. to become the top market share. 

Recently, there have been voices saying that Amazon will enter the banking business, and the cashless service "Amazon Shopping App" that utilizes QR codes has been launched across the countries, and now "Amazon Effect" has spread to all industries. There is.

Until now, in order for venture companies and SMEs to compete with large companies, it was a standard practice to aim for "niche" fields in which large companies do not enter and to firmly establish their position there. However, as you can see from the example of Amazon, in recent years, venture companies have also created new value that is different from the past, and it has become possible to seize the share of existing large companies in a short period of time.

These new values   are created by taking a bird's eye view of technology. It may be said that it is indispensable for a company to identify the external environment and the trend of technology and continue to take on the challenge of creating value for the development and survival of the company.

An era in which individual power is greatly demonstrated

Of course, new value can be created by individuals. Until now, although individual talents and potentials have been utilized within the organization, they have been buried as "individuals." However, now you can freely share your personal talents with people in the world through SNS. 

There are also influencers who make a lot of money by the number of followers and the number of likes. It can be said that the time has come when we can improve our creditworthiness and demonstrate our abilities by regarding ourselves as a company rather than an organization or company name.

With the advent of crowdfunding and ICO (Initial Coin Offering), even individuals without funds can raise funds through the Internet, making it possible to create new products and services. Technology is beginning to shine the power of individuals beyond the walls of organizations and companies.

However, in order to empower an individual, it is necessary for many people to sympathize and support it. To that end, we must set big goals, achieve overwhelming growth, and be recognized. 

The author also states in this book, "Aim for 10x growth, not 10% growth." How can we aim for 10 times more growth than we are now? In exponential thinking, we advocate taking advantage of the technology that is evolving day by day to fundamentally rethink the conventional methods.

Believe in individual power and draw dreams

Whether it's technology or yourself, the signs of change are very small at first and many people miss them. However, from a certain point, the degree of change becomes exponentially intense, and it is swallowed by the wave in a blink of an eye. 

From now on, we will need the ability to read signs of change, take quick action, and grow ahead of the times. This book teaches us that by repeating this, we can grow overwhelmingly toward our big dreams. 

Why don't you use exponential thinking to get a bird's-eye view of the world and think about how you can make yourself shine in the future?

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  1. To clarify the comment "Exponential Results Requires Exponential Thinking and High Performance. - Tony Dovale "
    It requires a fully optimised High Performance SYSTEM, which includes optimal performance on all 4 levels of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture and the application of the CLEARx HPO approach that ensure leaders can create a high performance organisation, that exceeds and out performs the industry norms. The new addition to the High Performance approach must include ADAPT-Agility to ensure greatest possibility of thriving in these tough times.