What Are The Characteristics Of Gen Z?

What Are The Characteristics Of Gen Z? - Moniedism

Generation Z is being compared and analyzed in various markets, but now, Gen Z, which was born after the latter half of the 1990s, is attracting worldwide attention among brands and marketers. 

Now that they are teenagers, they have purchasing power and are the people they will accept in the near future, so it is important to know what their characteristics are in order to formulate future marketing strategies.

Characteristics of Generation Z, which will carry the next generation

There is some variation because there is no clear rule on the generation division, but Generation Z refers to the generation born after the latter half of the 1990s to around 2010. Since they are called "Generation Z" in the United States.

Gen Z has the following main features:

1. Digital natives

By the time we were born, the Internet and personal computers were already widespread. According to a 2017 survey by the MMD Research Institute, "more than 90% of junior and senior high school students use smartphones for studying" and "more than 20% use smartphones (Wi-Fi only) for 6 hours or more" Generation Z is also a digital native generation in which digital devices are in a state of being one and the same.

2. Entrepreneurial spirit is strong

With the existence of the founders of innovative businesses such as Facebook and Twitter, and the success of YouTubers around us, there are many ways to succeed other than the traditional "enter a good university and work for a good company". I know it well. Gen Z is an ambitious and purposeful innovator who has no fear or hesitation in challenging or starting a business.

3. Global perspective

Generation Z, who has been able to obtain information from around the world using the Internet from an early age, is familiar with overseas content and tends to see various things from a global perspective.

4. A feeling of consumption that emphasizes the influence

Generation Z does not have the "materialism" principle in which the products it owns express themselves like other generations, but the consumption behavior itself expresses itself, and has a unique sense of consumption that emphasizes "influence." I have. Therefore, it is consumed to enjoy topics with friends such as Instagram. In addition, there is a strong desire to consume in my favorite genre, such as using an anime shop.

5.Less prejudice

Generation Z is growing with growing debate about sexual issues such as race and LGBT, so it has less prejudice and equal thinking about race, gender, and sexual orientation.

6. High awareness of social issues

A World Economic Forum survey reveals that 87% of Gen Z are interested in social and environmental issues. In addition, many people participate in social activities with an awareness of equality, and I believe that not only individuals but also companies should actively tackle issues such as society and the environment.

Differences between Gen Z and Millennials

Gen Z was originally considered a millennial, but due to differences in characteristics between the first half and the second half of the millennial, it has come to be distinguished as Gen Z.

For example, millennials are also said to be digital natives, but when they were millennials, personal computers were the mainstream, and the penetration rate was not as high as that of Generation Z.

Gen Z is a generation in which smartphones are the mainstream, and it can be said that it is a truly digital generation that can use multiple devices, such as computers and tablets at home and computer classes at school.

Generation Z can connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere and get a lot of information for free, so they are accustomed to the environment where they can study online, so there is also an aspect that they are not particular about school education.

Millennials are said to be the "non-buying principle", which was also called the "disliked consumer generation" as a reaction to the previous generation, but in reality, the influence of the "material" principle still remains. But there is also. In that respect, Gen Z's consumption behavior tends to emphasize "influence", and consumption is strong in favorite genres and communication.

It is natural that there are differences in values   between generations as well as differences from millennials, but the values   that have been common across generations have begun to change from Generation Z to new values. I will.

Expectations for Generation Z!

They are accustomed to collecting and disseminating information on the Internet by making full use of digital devices, and each of them has the power to spread. And, for the Z generation who will be the main consumer in the future, the sales promotion method will be changed to the method using newer technology, and their influence on the economy will be enormous that can not be grasped only by the population. Will go.

In addition, Gen Z's ability to act, IT skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship are generally positively evaluated by millennials in senior positions in companies, and expectations are rising for future human resources.

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