Invest In Yourself What Can You Do In A Day, Month, Or Year?

Invest In Yourself What Can You Do In A Day, Month, Or Year? - Moniedism

Invest in yourself What can you do in a day, a month, or a year? The time required for self-investment also depends on "what you invest in".

There are a wide variety of items, from those that you can easily work on to those that require patience. In this article, we will introduce an example of investment methods that can be tackled by period such as "1 day", "1 month", and "1 year".

Invest in yourself in one day

Reading, reading newspapers in bulk, participating in seminars

You can finish reading one or several books in one day. You can also lick newspapers for the past few months or a year at a library.

Since the input of knowledge through reading etc. is a self-investment that can be practiced as long as there is time, even busy people would definitely like to take advantage of the gap time.

In terms of gaining new knowledge, it is also a good idea to attend economic seminars that deal with topical topics.

Go to a place that you have never visited

Are there any cultural facilities or tourist attractions that you have never been to even though you are in the neighborhood? Even if you go to a shopping center you often go to, there may be floors that you have never set foot on.

Why don't you go to a place where you don't usually set foot when you have time? You can expect unexpected discoveries and new interests.

A good investment to relieve stress

For the purpose of relieving stress, spending a day on hobbies, playing, and a day trip to a nearby hot spring is also a good self-investment.

If you feel refreshed, your future work efficiency will improve. If you don't have a hobby that will help you relieve stress, you'll want to try and find ways to reduce your stress on holidays.

Invest in yourself in a month

Smoking cessation and exercise habits (investment in health)

Although there are individual differences, it is necessary to work for at least one month in order to quit smoking and get into the habit of exercising.

However, if you get sick or get stressed, it will be counterproductive as an investment. I would like to work on getting into the habit of quitting smoking and exercising as soon as possible.

Diet habits (investment in appearance)

The effect of dieting begins to appear in about a month for early people. It will be easier to work on it by gradually extending the period to "plus 1 month", "plus 3 months", and "plus half a year" with the goal of 1 month.

Invest in yourself in a year

Long-term study abroad

If you can spend a long time investing in yourself, why not consider studying abroad for a long time? If you study abroad in a foreign language-speaking country that you want to learn, you can expect a dramatic improvement in your language skills.

Also, living in the country for a long time and being exposed to various cultures will help you to broaden your horizons.

Obtaining qualification

It's also a good idea to spend a year studying to get a qualification. Unlike long-term study abroad, if you are studying for a qualification, you can work while working.

However, before you start studying for qualifications, carefully consider "why you get a qualification" and "how to use it after you get it".

For example, if you clarify the reasons for working, such as "You can expect a salary increase by getting a qualification" and "You can use your qualification to do a side job", you can expect to make effective use of one year.

Qualifications that are likely to be obtained after one year of study include Nissho Bookkeeping and Financial Planning Technicians.

Marriage activity

Marriage is also a self-investment. In a sense, marriage activities also have an aspect of self-improvement.

It should be a good opportunity to rethink your appearance, your inner self, your way of thinking, and how you interact with people.

If you can find a lifelong partner as a result of self-investment through marriage activities, it would be two birds with one stone.

Why don't you think about your life plan first?

If you are wondering what kind of investment you should make, why not think about your own life plan first. If you calculate back what you want to be in the future, you will see what you are working on now.

Especially for those that take time to invest in yourself, I would like to start working on them as soon as possible. Take this as a turning point and immediately make an investment plan for yourself.

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