How To Travel Alone?

How To Travel Alone? - Moniedism

Traveling is a great way we can spend some time with ourselves and open our minds to new ideas. A woman traveling alone is no longer desperate today. On the contrary, it is the latest trend. Do you want to become a solo traveler too?

More and more women are going on extended weekends or unaccompanied holidays. Not because they don't have a partner or girlfriend to go with them, but because they want to indulge in a unique solo travel experience.

It's a new way to discover your hidden selves, increase your self-confidence, and discover that the "alien" world may be kinder than you think. In our guide you will find some great tips for the trip.

What To Pack With Yourself

Your doubts, fears and uncertainties

Definitely do not leave them at home. It doesn't even work. You drag them with you every day. They affect your decisions, your behavior, even your body language.

Along the way, you will have to confront them more openly than in everyday life. You will not be able to pretend you do not have them, you will not be able to hide and deny them.

But if you can face them alone and deal with them in spite of them, at the end of the journey you will be stronger and happier. No, you may not get rid of them quite well, but you will know that they cannot stop you from doing what you desire.

Your dreams

Not just goals, ambitions and to-do lists. But dreams, the most beautiful and wildest. Don't be afraid of them and don't throw them away. Boundaries and limits are imposed only by you, and sometimes quite unnecessarily.


Remember that your journey will not be a long walk through the rose garden for enlightenment and enlightenment. Even difficulties and discomfort are part of the journey, and it is very important.

Openness and helpfulness

You don't have the answer to everything, so you also set out on a journey. You are still looking for answers.

Remember that you can find the opportunity to learn something and move on absolutely anywhere and anyone can be your teacher.

So don't hesitate to talk to people who don't belong to your social class or seem a little "weird" to you. Remember to keep your eyes open, amazed and amazed.

What To Leave At Home

Opinions of other people

If at every step you solve what your partner, your mother or your friends think about your actions and decisions, try to forget about it on the way. You are only on your way.

Desire for praise and recognition

The memories you collect along the way are for you, not for your Facebook or Instagram. Embark on a journey because of the journey itself, not because of the collection of likes under the photos.


Get used to a little discomfort. Exercise, sore legs, exhaustion await you. And the doubts and uncertainty that a stay in an unfamiliar environment brings with it. But you will remember the hardships the most later.


It will not be as you imagine it. The experiences you take will be completely different from how you plan them. And it is one of the most beautiful gifts of life on the road - you experience constant surprises on it. Only prepare for the fact that it will be completely different.

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