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How to read people? The ability to read people is crucial, both business and personal. Body language nowadays is a new skill that a person can leverage and gain things in life. The people you associate with constantly show you signs of how they feel and how they think at a given time.

Being able to realize "what they tell you" without being told is something that will save you a lot of time, energy and will improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships.

Research from  non-verbal communication from Harvard University shows that in the first 5 minutes we can "read people" with 70% accuracy. Although sometimes 30% of people's secrets are hidden, being able to know what the other person is thinking and feeling without telling you is a skill that will make you white-faced in difficult situations and help you perfect communication. yours.

How the art of reading others practically benefits

 1. You can understand when and if someone is lying to you
 2. All your communication skills are developed
 3. Do you understand if you can trust a person
 4. You can easily close bigger jobs and increase your income
 5. You improve your presence in the space by using the right body language techniques

In general, your presentation will improve and in the world we live in, how someone moves in the space can give them great advantages on a professional and personal level.

If you want to learn to read people correctly, you must first know two rules.

 1. About 60% of the meaning one wants to give is hidden in body language.
 2. A word or an expression alone can have many or no meanings. Content is nothing without context.

It is wrong to interpret a single word or expression and to draw a conclusion. Our brains like to draw quick conclusions, but human communication and emotion are a little more complicated. If you want to perfect his art of reading people, do not fall into the mistake of drawing quick conclusions.

There are people who make a lot of gestures and others who avoid gestures. Performing separately outside the box always gives wrong results. Rule number 2 mentioned earlier says that content is nothing without context. Don't forget that.

So what do you need to do, in the next part of the article, I will tell you where to start and then I will show you the 3 parts of the body that you need to focus on in order to read people as an FBI agent.

How to read people

What you need to do is something completely different, says LaRae Quy, a former FBI agent.

You need to focus and look at how people's gestures and expressions change, not give meaning to individual situations.

In other words, observe how the content changes within the specific context! Seeing the context and body language, even without sound, you understand how a person can feel. But before we get into the remark that is the key to the whole affair, there is something more important that we need to consider if we want to read others correctly.

Observe yourself first

Is it natural to read ourselves like that? It would not be normal to observe others and learn about others without first knowing what we are doing. You may be wondering how we can observe ourselves without adding a camera.

It has to do with imagination and consciousness. Imagine the space from a panoramic point of view and see for yourself. How do you sit and what does he do at a given time. Then notice how you feel in that situation.

Amy Cuddy shows us through this talk the findings of her research on how physiology affects psychology. I remember that this video had quite affected my self-knowledge as five, six years ago I believed that only psychology affects physiology.

By understanding the information in this video you will be able to observe yourself more consciously. After this phase it will be easier for you to discern how others are feeling.

Body Language

1. The hands

There are more nerve connections between the hands and the brain than anywhere else in the body. Our body is programmed so that our brain and our hands communicate perfectly so from the various sequences of movements in the hands we can understand a lot about how one feels and thinks.

Some examples of gestures are:

1. The touch of our fingers. This attitude shows dominance and that we are confident in our thoughts. You will see it in politicians and leaders in general.

2. Shaking hands. When a person squeezes his hands or his arm and at the same time hides it or extends it farther away from his body, it shows nerves or even that stress has come out in his body.

3. The index finger rests on the side of the face. It shows that a person is skeptical about what he hears and probably does not believe everything 100%.

2. The eyes

What you need to notice is the direction of the eyes. Below I will tell you what you need to know to read someone at once just by looking into their eyes.

A. Top left
If in a conversation one speaks and the other looks up to the left, then it means that he is pulling information from the right hemisphere of his brain which is related to the imagination. We easily understand if someone is lying when looking to the left.

B. Top right
One looks up and to the right when one tries to remember something that happened. Up and slightly to the right. Do this experiment with a friend. Ask what he ate last night. If he is lying because he wants to hide the fact that he ate wrong he will look up to the left, if he is telling the truth and trying to remember the information he will look up and slightly to the right!

C. Middle and left, Middle and right
The waist has to do with sounds. In the middle and left is someone trying to make a sound at that moment, while in the middle and right is someone trying to remember a sound they heard recently.

D. Down and left
One looks down and to the left when one is trying to remember or experience a rather negative emotion at that moment. If his gaze is accompanied by hands on his face while he is sitting, then one can assume that he is both bored and remembers an emotion.

E. Down and right
Finally, one looks down and to the right when he has a conversation with himself! When one makes unconscious self-talk, one looks in that direction!

3. The chest and legs

The soles of the feet are the most "honest" part of the body in terms of how to practically read the other. Where the feet show but also the chest there is the attention of the person.

In the picture above we see that the toe of the man's shoe points in a completely different direction from that of the woman. In this case the man seems to want to leave the discussion.


Body language is a very interesting perspective that has been studied for many years by communicators behind politicians and public figures. The interesting thing is that everyone with a little awareness and a little observation can learn a lot about others and of course himself.

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