How To Plan Your Life? 5 Ways To Write A Life Plan Notebook

How To Plan Your Life 5 Ways To Write A Life Plan Notebook - Moniedism

How to plan your life, here are the 5 ways to write a life plan notebook. If you want to make a plan in the future by referring to a wonderful book, it will be easier to understand if you use a notebook, application, Excel, etc.

How to write a life plan notebook 1: Decide how many years to make

First, decide how many years you want to make a life plan. If you are worried about the length, you can aim for retirement. You'll see the events that will happen by retirement, the money to get over them, and the money you'll need to prepare for retirement.

If the retirement age is too long, it is recommended to try 5 or 10 years as a guide. There are no rules or templates for how to write a life plan notebook, so decide on the number of years that you can easily imagine, whether it is a long-term plan or a short-term plan.

How to write a life plan note 2: Fill in the vertical and horizontal axes

Once you have decided on the number of years you want to write, fill in the vertical and horizontal axes. One of the standard formats is to enter the family name on the vertical axis and the age and year of each on the horizontal axis.

If you plan to design in the future including partners and children that you may meet in the future, it will be easier to understand if you write "husband", "wife", "child (first person)" and so on. In addition, the ages listed on the horizontal axis are for the number of years.

How to write a life plan note 3: Write down events and expenses

After filling in the vertical and horizontal axes, the next step is to write down life events and the costs involved. Possible life events include marriage, childbirth, home purchase, and the admission of children.

Enter the estimated costs for each event, such as "how much it costs to give birth" and "how much it costs to buy your own home".

How to write a life plan notebook 4: Make fine adjustments

If you can fill in the blueprints in the future to some extent, let's review the parts that are difficult to make into reality. Make fine adjustments by prioritizing goals and shifting the timing of life events.

If you feel that you are spending too much, think about how you can achieve your goals financially and stably. As the years go by, it is quite possible that the social situation and environment will become unexpected. Let's review the life plan each time and adjust it flexibly.

How to write a life plan notebook 5: Discuss with family and partners

It is important not to think about life planning by yourself, but to discuss it with your family and partners.

It is recommended that you discuss with your family and partner when the life plan notebook is completed so that you can incorporate the wishes and schedules of your family and partner into your life plan and understand each other's thoughts and values.

In the future, you may find that your child wants to study abroad or your partner wants to change jobs. Then, the amount of money you need will change, so it is important to discuss it properly.

Let's make a design in the future

It is very useful to design your future so that you can reduce your anxiety about the future and not regret your life.

Thinking about your future early in your teens and twenties will increase your chances of living your ideal life. Please refer to the information provided and start planning a wonderful future from today.

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