Best 4 Habits To Grow Your Business

Best 4 Habits To Grow Your Business - Moniedism

Today we will talk about top 4 habits to grow your business or gain an edge in your business. When I think of creativity, I think of jobs such as art and IT, but creativity is now an indispensable business growth promoter in various industries.

I hear people say, "I lack creativity," but creativity is more of a skill than a talent, so anyone can improve it by making it a habit.
Sharpen your creative thinking and gain an edge in your business.

Why creative thinking is required in business

Innovative ideas and flexibility are needed to respond to the rapidly changing market environment. This applies not only to the development of products and services, but also to the process of achieving goals, such as issues and solutions to them.

Ideas don't necessarily have to create new things from scratch. For example, innovating existing products and services with new ideas and ingenuity to create better products will also lead to business growth. These ideas come from creative thinking.

Another reason is countermeasures against the spread of AI (artificial intelligence). There are growing concerns that AI will rob humans of work, but AI also has its weaknesses, and creativity is one of them. By putting creativity unique to humans to the fore, it will be possible to build a business environment in which robots and humans can coexist.

Benefits of sharpening creativity

It is difficult to create new things if you stick to familiar methods. By coming up with new ideas and methods and trying them out without fear of failure, you have more chances to get better results than you expected.

It also improves the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions to difficult business problems and issues, and creates useful teamwork in which employees actively cooperate with each other with ideas and wisdom. Will contribute.

A vibrant workplace full of creativity increases the retention rate of human resources and at the same time attracts new human resources, which is the driving force for further innovation.

Recognizing these positive outcomes, big IT companies like Google and Airbnb are willing to work to inspire employee creativity.

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4 habits to sharpen your creative thinking, to grow your business

For those who feel that they lack creativity, by consciously habituating the following four ..., creative thinking may be switched on and surprising ideas may come up for themselves. I don't know.

1. Actively interact with people who have positive thoughts

Working and private interactions, interacting with different people gives us the opportunity to see things from different perspectives. In particular, interaction in the workplace will bring about results that cannot be obtained by a single job, such as deepening ties between teams and stimulating the creativity of each member.

At that time, it is more effective to be aware of "absorbing positive influences" through interaction. The more emotionally intelligent you interact with, the more creativity you have.

2. Stimulate the five senses and polish their sensibilities

Sensitivity is not a sense or technical ability, but the ability to feel something. Is it easy to understand the emotions and sensations that come from what you see, hear, and experience?

Everyone has these emotions, and they are nurtured by touching things that stimulate the five senses, such as art, nature, and music. It's a good idea to regularly provide opportunities to get away from your daily routine and stimulate your senses. Sharpened sensibilities are a treasure trove of innovative ideas.

3. Create a mind map or idea list

People who say "I forget the idea that came to my mind" or "I don't have the depth from it"
Let's activate the brain by using a mind map that expands in various directions while organizing ideas, and an idea list that you write down so that you do not forget the ideas you came up with.

Not only when you have an idea or when you want to organize your mind, but also by writing down the words that come to your mind and training to expand your imagination like an associative game every day, you can train your creative thinking. It leads to.

4. Get in the habit of looking back on your day

When I'm busy with work every day, I tend to focus too much on the task at hand and forget the big picture. If this situation continues, it will deplete valuable creativity.

To prevent this from happening, get in the habit of looking back on the day, even for 5 minutes every day, and objectively analyze your own thoughts and actions. It is also effective in preventing burnout syndrome caused by stress.

While creativity in business is an essential element to grow your business and also in building a larger foundation for growth, it is important to note that ideas alone do not lead to real growth. Let's sharpen our creative thinking and try to improve the action to make it a reality.

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