Benefits Of Mind Maps And Mind Maps Techniques

Benefits Of Mind Maps And Mind Maps Techniques - Moniedism

The benefits of Mind Maps are that, it's the best way to subdivide your thoughts!

What is the difference between those who are self-fulfilling and those who are not in the business world? Here, let's focus on "quality of thinking".

Those who are pushing towards their dreams are thinking in the truest sense, and those who are not are pretending to think. First-class people are said to be able to quickly connect their thoughts to output. One of the differences between self-actualization and non-self-actualization is the quality of thinking, and more specifically, the commitment to output.

So what do you need to think like a first-class and output? "Mind map" seems to be one of the answers.

Benefits Of Mind Maps - Moniedism

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a map of ideas and information. Place keywords in the middle of a blank sheet of paper, and connect the keywords and images associated with those keywords in a radial pattern.

Mind maps got a lot of attention when they were published by British writer Tony Buzan in the 1970s. It has been imported to Japan mainly since the 1990s, and has become widely accepted as one of the thinking tools mainly in the service industry.

The characteristic of mind maps is that the shape of "radial connection" is said to be suitable for the human brain. Even when human beings memorize things, they adopt a method of connecting a central concept and another concept, so a method of visually expanding keywords like a mind map is to organize information and dig deeper into thinking. It is thought to be useful for such things.

Benefits of mind maps

Mind maps are useful both for the input of knowledge outside of you and for the output of your inner feelings and thoughts. 

First of all, knowledge input, mind maps are suitable for organizing and storing complex information. In general, you often memorize things using bullet points, sentences, and illustrations, but compared to that, mind maps are more colorful and you can remember the whole thing as one picture.

A word that expresses a smart person is "listen to one and know ten." Mind maps can be said to be a concrete example of that.

It is also suitable for organizing and outputting your own feelings and thoughts. You can systematically clarify when your thoughts are disorganized or when you are trapped in vague anxiety. To clarify, anxiety is a little lessened.

If you get bogged down at work or in your private life, you may be able to find a clue to the solution by organizing it with a mind map.

Mind map techniques

Tony Buzan, the founder of Mind Maps, stipulates how to write maps in great detail. However, when working on a mind map for the first time, if you are too distracted by the details, it may be difficult to realize the effect of the mind map. Therefore, for the time being, the mind map is OK as long as you grasp the following points.

- Prepare a piece of paper and a pen
- Write the central keyword in the middle of the paper
- Place the associated keyword around the central keyword
- Enclose some written keywords in more detail placed to take the tie is between keywords with, relevant

If we could repeat this and narrow down to about 4 levels, we should have been able to output a lot of topics about that keyword.

I explained how to start with paper immediately, but in fact, there are many apps that can be used on PCs and smartphones. It also has the advantage of being easy to save on the app, so please try it once.

Mind map application range

Mind maps are a versatile tool because of their simplicity. For example, when creating a proposal or presentation material for a new project at work, it will be much easier to put together by first outputting the idea on the mind map.

Furthermore, mind maps are also effective when incorporated into multi-person discussions. When considering a team's strategy, it will also help you organize multiple criteria and come up with ideas.

People who understand and practice mind maps don't find them annoying. We recognize that doing so is just as important as breathing, so we can proceed smoothly.

Establish visualization with mind map

In many cases, human beings simply repeat the rounds in their heads, even if they think they are thinking. By using mind maps, you can install the way of organizing information and the way of thinking of things that first-class people naturally do. 

Why don't you use a mind map to organize complicated conditions and output new ideas? Mind maps are one of the most powerful tools you can visualize if you have a hole in your self-actualization.

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