7 Habits To Be Successful In Business World

7 Habits To Be Successful In Business World - Moniedism

To be successful in the business world, it is important to streamline and habituate things. However, it is difficult to re-examine your past actions and become a habit. 

So, how about imitating the method of "The 7 Habits" by Stephen R. Covey? By practicing the contents of this book, you can get various happiness. There are changes that occur when you incorporate seven behaviors that improve your daily behavior into your lifestyle.

To describe the contents of the seven habits in one word, "the key to success lies in your personality." Dr. Covey calls improving one's personality personal-ism while refining superficial techniques is called individualism.

However, it is not easy to improve your personality. Therefore, what is needed is the "7 Habits" advocated in this book. I will briefly introduce the contents.

7 habits

Habit 1: Being independent Always have a sense of self-responsibility.
Habit 2: Start by envisioning the end Imagine yourself and then move.
Habit 3: Habit Prioritize re-priority Dedicate resources to high importance and non-urgent
Habit 4: Thinking about win-win Make choices that benefit everyone
Habit 5: Understand and be understood Empathize with and listen to the other person's story
Habit 6: Synergies are generated Individuals exert their full power to generate "1 + 1 = 3" energy.
Habit 7: Sharpen your blades and spare no effort to improve yourself

Improve your personality by living with the above seven things in mind, such as not blaming others as described above, moving after setting goals, and spending time on things that are important to you. You will acquire 7 habits.

Practice small habits

Even if you try to acquire all seven habits, it is difficult to master them all at once. Therefore, let's start by making it a habit to "do it alone".

First, set a "goal"

Make a plan and carry it out. This seemingly easy and difficult habit is the first step. Set the goal you want to achieve first. Achieving a goal is, in other words, a "goal."

This time, my goal was to pass the qualification exam that I wanted to acquire to change jobs. Set goals and learn to think towards them.

Set tasks up to the goal

Set up tasks to achieve your goals. Think about what you need to do every day to pass the qualification exam. One of the things you tend to do when making a plan is to set up a rigorous task, such as "read a 30-page reference book a day." Determining less feasible tasks raises the bar for getting started and makes it harder to keep going every day. We recommend that you make the task as easy as possible, such as "Open a reference book", keeping in mind that you will continue. It is said that motivation does not come out unless you act, so the hurdle to action is minimized.

Manage time

Once you've set goals and tasks, think about what to do each day to get there. Make an hourly schedule every morning to organize your tasks. Let's write in an easy-to-understand manner using the schedule book or task management app.

Please include "top priorities" in addition to the essentials for living such as commuting and eating. Here, the goal is to acquire qualifications, and studying qualifications is a top priority. During the time to sharpen the blade, I put in a gym and news check.

Repeat writing and executing schedules every day

When I wake up, I write a schedule, do the schedule, and repeat this. Every morning, check what you couldn't do by looking at the schedule you wrote the day before. For example, "I couldn't get the time to sharpen the blade as I expected" and "I think it's better to do it at a different time than this time, so let's change it today". If you continue for a while, you will develop your own habits.

Changes due to habits

As you practice these things, you will notice some changes in your life. First of all, by making a schedule every morning, the flow of time of the day becomes clear to you. Wake up in the morning, think, learn, work, move, learn again. By riding this constant rhythm, you can reduce regrets such as "I couldn't do what I wanted to do" or "I wasted my time".

You will also feel that arranging tasks and deciding which tasks to prioritize can be done more smoothly than before. Even if you have a sudden job and your schedule changes a little, you can immediately make a new schedule. Even the simple things of setting goals, making plans, and executing them can definitely change your life by becoming a habit.

The important thing is to continue

For those who want to change themselves, it can be said that actions that are aware of the seven habits are effective. To get into the habit of something, all you need to do is "continue." Let's make a schedule toward the goal so that we can continue within a reasonable range.

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