What is Leverage Thinking?

What is Leverage Thinking - Moniedism

Many people know that reading is important, but how many people even think about the essence of why it is important? It is an important idea to read a book and make use of it in your daily life, but let's consider how each of them can be used.

What is Leverage Thinking?

Leverage thinking is the idea that Naoyuki Honda thinks. Leverage refers to the principle of leverage, but he repeatedly explains in his book that if leverage is used, the maximum effect can be obtained with the minimum effort.

Although work style reforms are being promoted, and many people have the intention that the more they work, the more results they will get.

However, Mr. Honda develops his own theory of labor / time: outcome = 1: ∞ in his book. Sure, when it comes to making things more efficient, it's better to get the most out of your time in the least amount of time, and you can use your spare time for something else. You can spend time with your family or study for yourself.

It seems important to have the idea of   leverage thinking in order to have a better life.

Business Person Problems and Solutions in Leverage Thinking

In his book, Honda says that general business people are "insufficient in training."

Athletes train four times as much as a match, but business people spend less time training, which means they aren't successful. Training here refers to the time spent on self-improvement, and Mr. Honda points out that only 1/60 of the time spent on self-improvement. If you want to be a good business person, you have to think about how to improve yourself.

In addition, it is human nature to be lazy and give up immediately when trying to start something new.

Knowledge and personal connections are required to proceed in a short time and without effort. There is a limit to what one person can do, so make an effort to produce results by utilizing your personal connections.

However, in order to expand the network of people, it is necessary to create a network of people who can enhance and meet each other. Just asking for a lesson will take the other person's time, so it is important for the other person to acquire expertise so that they can be with this person.

Leverage Thinking, what exactly should I do to increase it?

In leverage thinking, it is important to leverage from the four perspectives of effort, time, knowledge, and personal connections. If you are aware of all of these, you will certainly be able to achieve results. In the United States, self-improvement is commonplace, and it is said that many people aim to advance their careers at power mornings and nighttime business schools.

Unless there are situations where work is too concentrated on a particular person, many should be able to change themselves if they can devote a little time to self-improvement. If you don't have time to go to business school, you should be able to read and learn during commuting hours, breaks, and holidays.

Without knowledge, it can be difficult to shortcut time and expand your network. If you often get on a crowded train, you should have the option of "listening to a book." If you read a book and go to your daily efforts, you will inevitably gain leverage.

Reading is an opportunity to think of great men and to embrace the methods of successful people in business. Even if you don't have the money to go to business school, you can learn by buying or renting books. If you don't know which book is right for you, you can take advantage of the summarization service to pick up what you are interested in. Why not aim for a better self by investing in reading? 

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