Top 3 Financial Movies To Acquire Investment Skills

Top 3 Financial Movies To Acquire Investment Skills - Moniedism

"Even if I read a book about investment, it's hard to get the content in my head."

Would you like to acquire investment skills and knowledge in financial movies? If you want to have fun learning finance, these three movies are perfect for you.

Re-learning subprime mortgages and the Lehman shock "Inside Jobs: The Unknown Truth of the World Depression"

Inside Jobs Movie Poster - Moniedism

This work was selected for the 83rd Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature by uncovering the inside of the Lehman shock that occurred in 2008. It became a hot topic in Matt Damon's narration.

A real financial world with movies interviewed by people involved in the Lehman shock, such as investment banks that move huge amounts of money on Wall Street, banks that sold subprime loans that caused the financial crisis, and rating agencies. It is a work that you can get a glimpse of.
You can learn the truth of the Lehman shock caused by people who were active in the financial world through this work. It's a documentary film that lets you know what the Lehman shock was and what went wrong with subprime mortgages.

Falling life from a one-shot reversal at "The Wolf of Wall Street"

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Poster - Moniedism

A financial film that visualizes the autobiography of a real stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. The lead was Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a real story of a young stock broker making a lot of money on Wall Street, arrested for securities fraud and falling from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Look at the technique of how 22-year-old Jordan Belfort, who has no education or connections, made a lot of money. He achieved good results with ideas and skillful speech, and established a securities company at the age of 26. However, after being noticed by the authorities on suspicion of money laundering, it was finally brought to justice. Jordan Belfort was convicted, but after 22 months in prison, he successfully reintegrated into society as a management consultant.

What I would like to pay attention to in this movie is the depiction of the anguish of being a stock trader. It is a realistic picture of a stock trader who faces unimaginable pressure every day and falls into the darkness of society.

Learn the pros and cons of investing in Jordan Belfort's glamorous and bizarre life story, dubbed the "Wall Street Wolf."

Studying investment with the main character in "Strategy The Scam"

the scam korean movie - moniedism

This is a financial suspense movie in which a day trader played by Park Yong-ha joins forces with his colleagues to challenge the stock trading game. The protagonist, who loses the game by reaching out to stocks without knowledge, learns about investment and market prices by himself in order to challenge the next game, and eventually becomes active as an individual investor.

One day, the main character, Hyun-soo, made a big profit in stock trading, but it was the stocks that people in the underground world were supposed to make. Hyun-soo, threatened for that reason and asked to cooperate in their stock trading, is involved in a huge tactical battle that shakes the country.

A money game in which a young man who started trading stocks with the desire to escape from poverty takes a big risk, devotes himself to stock price manipulation as if he was obsessed with money, and moves a huge amount of money. You can also learn about the risks of "stocks" while enjoying the exciting development.

Let's enjoy and feel free to learn investment with movies

Even if you read books related to finance and investment, you may not understand it, and even if you listen to explanations of banks and securities companies, you may not be able to absorb your investment knowledge. However, in the case of movies, even difficult themes can easily come to mind. If you want to learn about finance without hesitation, why not learn from financial movies that you can enjoy with video and sound. It is also recommended for relaxing time on holidays.

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