Top 11 Ways To Earn Money

Top 11 Ways To Earn Money - Moniedism

Even if you say that you make money on your computer, many people will run into the problem of how to make money and where to make it.

There are various ways to earn money on a personal computer, from simple ones such as questionnaire monitors and point sites to those that require skills such as Website designers and illustration sales.

Therefore, we will introduce 11 ways to earn money on your computer, so please refer to them.

How to earn on your computer 1: Point site

There is a point site as a way to earn money on your computer.On the points site, you can easily register and exchange the points you have accumulated for money.

If you use the services on the points site, you can earn points, and the services are not limited to shopping using advertisements, but also include clicks, games, and questionnaires.

The accumulated points can be exchanged for cash or electronic money, so it is a good idea to exchange them for what you want.

How to Make Money on Your Computer 2: Affiliates

If you have a blog that you run, there is a method called affiliate.You can earn income by posting affiliate advertisements on blogs and using the advertisements.

You can make money without labor, but you need to have a blog. The more visitors you have to your blog, the more opportunities you have for your ads, which will lead to revenue.

Affiliates are a way of earning money that requires long-term management, so it is also important to write sentences that make you want to use advertisements.

How to earn on your computer 3: Sell Digital Items or Physical Products

There is also a way to earn income by using a personal computer. Selling online is a method of making a profit by selling products purchased at a lower price than the selling price using a personal computer.

In order to start you need to purchase the products, so you need the funds to purchase them. You must be careful about the type and number of items you purchase, as unsold items can be a loss.

Nowadays, there are various eCommerce sites, so you can sell them there.

How to earn on your computer 4: Content writing

You can also use crowdsourcing to earn money from web writing. The job of Content writing is to write sentences such as news, corporate columns, and summary sites that you can see on the Website.

In order to earn efficiently, it is important to choose the genre that you are good at. Not only will you be able to write sentences in a fun way, but you will also be able to work smoothly.

It is said that even beginners can easily start content writing and it is also popular as a side business.

How to make money on your computer 5: Auction

You can also make an auction on your computer. For auctions, you register for a service that allows you to auction online, and sell items that you no longer use.

The price goes up when many buyers appear in the item you listed, and if it is a popular item, the price will be high, so you will be able to earn more money.

How to make money on your computer 6: Website Designer

There is also a web designer who designs the web as a way to earn money on a personal computer.Web designers take orders for jobs such as crowdsourcing and creating their own portfolios.

If you have an internet connection, you can get started, and the design has client preferences, so it would be convenient to utilize Social networking services and portfolio services.

You can register your profile at and, search job as per your website development skills.

If you learn programming together with web design, you can expand your range of work.

How to earn on your computer 7: Handmade production

If you like making things, there is also a way to make money by making handmade products.Make a work in your area of ​​specialty, register it on a site where you can sell it by hand, and sell your work to earn income.

You can make money by making the most of your hobbies and special skills. However, since there are many people who sell it, it is necessary to create new products and take the time to work on manufacturing.

You may introduce your work on Social networking services and sell it in association with it.

How to earn on your computer 8: Live streaming

There is also a way to make a live stream and earn money on your computer. Live-streaming makes money by leveraging services that deliver actions of various genres in real time.

Live streaming can be earned not only from a computer but also from a smartphone. You can make money from "throwing money" services and advertisements, but it's a good idea to check because there are differences in the method of income depending on the site you register.

Website where you can do live-stream is,,

It is a fun service that allows you to make money by delivering what you like.

How to earn on your computer 9: Questionnaire monitor

To earn money on a survey monitor, it's a good idea to register with a survey management company.

The questionnaire monitor requests a questionnaire from a company or organization that manages the questionnaire survey. And, the person who is registered in the questionnaire management company can get a reward by answering the questionnaire.

Rewards include cash and points, which vary depending on the survey operating company. Registration is easy and there are no quotas, so you can make effective use of your free time.

How to earn on your computer 10: Sweepstakes service

You can also use the sweepstakes service to earn money on your computer.

If you apply for a sweepstakes, you may not always win, but if you win, you will be happy. There is also the advantage that you can easily apply on your computer.

The important thing in using the sweepstakes service is whether it is an operating company that provides reliable services. It is said that some operating companies are malicious, so it is a good idea to choose a reliable operating company when handling personal information.

How to earn on a computer 11: Illustration sales

If you are good at drawing, there is a way to make money by selling illustrations.

For illustrations, sell the work to people who need it and get money. You can draw digital illustrations and analog (hand-painted on paper) illustrations and sell them on the Internet, flea markets and auction sites.

It is convenient to have a pen tablet to sell illustrations digitally, but you can start without it.

Two things to keep in mind when earning money on your computer

There are some points to keep in mind when earning money on your computer.

You should be careful about the loss if you spend a lot of time but your income is very low and you are only tired, or if you buy a lot of products for sale and are left unsold.

I want to avoid risks because I spend my precious time earning money on my computer. Let's take a closer look at the points to note when earning money on a computer.

Can you earn money for your efforts?

In order to earn money on a computer, it is important to be able to earn money commensurate with the effort. Even if you have a small income at first, if you improve your skills, that skill may be useful and your income may increase in the future.

It is important to continue earning money on a computer, but if you do not earn enough money for your efforts, not only will you waste your precious time, but you may also accumulate fatigue.

It's a good idea to find a method that is commensurate with your efforts so that you can motivate yourself to work.

Is there a risk of loss?

Second, it is important to determine if there is a risk of loss. Care must be taken not to leave excess products purchased for sale or to steal registration fees and teaching materials.

If you are introduced to how to make money on your computer, you will lose a lot if you are deceived by buying a registration fee or a high cost of teaching materials.

Products purchased just because they sell now do not always sell, so it is important to make sure that there are no losses.

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