What Is The Reading Methods Used By Business Owners?

What Is The Reading Methods Used By Business Owners? - Moniedism

What is the reading methods used by business owners? In fact, there are many "readers" even if they are extremely busy business owners. As proof of this, a certain TV station's corner "Leader's Bookmark" introduces a good book that the management uses as a "sign" for actions and judgments.

Why are business owners able to read so many books despite their busy schedules? Apparently, there are tips on "book quality" and "reading". In this article, we will introduce a "reading method" that will give you maximum input in a short time.

The main premise is whether the "purpose of reading a book" is clear.

If you read a book for work, you should have that purpose. Lectures, presentation planning, new product development ... By clarifying what you are looking for as an output before reading a book, you will be able to read more efficiently.

For example, there are many ways to develop a new product, such as supply chain, project management, communication skills, and marketing strategy. After identifying your position (sales, marketing, purchasing, research, etc.), you will give priority to what you want in the output.

The presentation is the same. If you want to assemble slides logically, you need to learn logical thinking, and if you are not good at acting well, you need to learn presentation techniques (standing position, line of sight, how to use voice, etc.). 

Let's get the help of "others" who read the same book

Many people should have read a well-established book. If you search the Internet for "book title book review" or "book title word-of-mouth", you will find articles that summarize the content of books and articles that summarize the essence.

Among the articles, there is a book review column by bloggers, reviews by an unspecified number of people, and an official book review section by major magazines and newspapers. Each has a different perspective and genre of specialty, so it's a good idea to choose the one that suits your feelings. You can also collect useful information on twitter and Amazon.

If you read about 5 to 10 articles in number, you should naturally see the important points by many reviewers.

At this point, you'll have an idea of   what to focus on.

Abandon the consciousness that "I have to read all the books"

In the novel, there are few places that can be skipped, such as a serious hint hidden in the prologue, or a unique world view in the depiction even in an unimportant scene.

Business books are different. If you can get the knowledge you need, you can achieve your purpose. Certainly, it is possible to get in touch with the author's thoughts by reading it completely, but it is not efficient to read everything. If you don't think so, you should change from that consciousness first. You should have the courage to skip it.

There are many people who actually aimed to read it completely, but were frustrated in the middle, and even if they could read it completely, it burned out and could not continue. If that is the case, it is better to take the plunge and skip the parts other than the necessary parts from the beginning.

First, read the "Table of Contents", "Preface", and "Postscript" to get an overall picture. After that, read the "parts you wanted to read" and "places where you want to know" that you have organized in the preparations so far.

What you want to do after reading

Business books don't end with reading. Summarize your impressions after reading in the format of "important things in what you read," "impressions after reading," and "reading and practicing," and record them in your notebook, computer, smartphone, etc.

The culmination of records should be your encouraging ally.

"There are more treasures in the book than the jewels obtained by the pirates of Treasure Island and the gold and silver that sinks to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea (Walt Disney)."
Let's make use of this treasure in various business situations.

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