Prague Has The Most Instagrammed Castle In The World

Which castle most often appears on Instagram? Analysts from Stokemont asked themselves this question and compiled a list of the most popular castles.

The unequivocal number one is Prague Castle - its hashtag has appeared 667,933 times (as of March 23, more have been added since then).

The seat of the Czech princes, later kings and since 1918 the president of the republic defeated the Scottish castle of Edinburgh (581,111 hashtags).

1st Place: Prague Castle

Prague The Castle Most Instagrammed castle - Moniedism

The largest continuous castle complex in the world, the undisputed dominant of our capital stands on the rocky hill Opyš above the river Vltava.

2nd Place: Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)

Edinburgh Castle (Scotland) - Moniedism

A majestic fortress built on top of the basalt Castle Rock. It is a landmark and symbol of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

3rd Place: Neuschwanstein (Germany)

Neuschwanstein (Germany) - Moniedism

The castle in the Allgäu was built by Louis II. Bavarian. It is one of the most famous and most visited tourist destinations in Germany.

4th Place: Windsor (England)

Windsor (England) - Moniedism

The second largest (after Prague Castle) inhabited castle in the world and also the longest systematically inhabited castle since the time of William I the Conqueror.

5th Place: Pena Palace (Portugal)

Pena Palace (Portugal) - Moniedism

A romantic castle in São Pedro de Penaferrim on the Portuguese Riviera. It stands on top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains on a clear day and can be seen from Lisbon and much of its metropolitan area.

6th Place: Buda Castle (Hungary)

Buda Castle (Hungary) - Moniedism

A historic castle, a former palace and seat of Hungarian kings, also called the Royal Palace or Royal Castle. It is located in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

7th place: Alhambra (Spain)

Alhambra (Spain) - Moniedism

A medieval complex of palaces and fortresses of the Moorish rulers of Granada. It is located in southern Spain in a hilly terrace on the outskirts of Granada.'

8th place: Leeds (England)

Leeds (England) - Moniedism

A medieval water castle located in Kent, England. It is a major tourist attraction - in 2010 over half a million visitors came here. In addition to the castle itself, there is, for example, a maze and a museum of dog collars.

9th place: Bran (Romania)

Bran (Romania) - Moniedism

Romanian national monument is located on the historic border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Bran Castle inspired Bram Stoker to portray Dracula's Castle in his novel Dracula.

10th Place: Peleș Castle (Romania)

Peleș Castle (Romania) - Moniedism

A Bavarian-style Neo-Renaissance chateau located in the Romanian Carpathians, near the town of Sinaia, built between 1873 and 1914. The builder was King Charles I.

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