Man Travels Across The United States With A Dog On His Back

Man Travels Across The United States With A Dog On His Back
Andrew Laske (30) has a very close relationship with his dog Benji. They spend almost all their free time together. Recently, Andrew and Benji toured North America cross-country, and in his own words, this is not the last adventure they have experienced together.

Andrew and his four-year-old Bernedodell (a breed created by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle) are now the stars of social networks thanks to adorable videos where they ride roller skates together or sail on a paddle-board. In the next video, they drive through the sunny streets of Los Angles. While Benji is seated in a backpack, Andrew drives a small city scooter.

"Benji is the best dog I could ever wish for," praises Andrew in an interview with Jam Press. "He is smart, sporty, devoted, friendly, cute, just one of a kind. He is like my son and best friend at the same time" he adds.

Traveling is a lifelong passion for both of them, and Andrew never goes anywhere alone, but always in the company of a four-legged friend. Together, they have visited almost all American cities, from New York to Denver to San Francisco.

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Andrew Laske came up with the idea of ​​traveling with a dog on his back when Benji was only six months old. As a puppy, he was constantly squirming under his feet, and during sports, Benji's antics were dangerous for both of them.

"When Benji was a puppy, it wasn't hard to carry him on his back. But he has grown over the years and today he weighs almost 35 kilograms," Andrew goes on to talk about his experience. "I had to start strengthening to withstand some more demanding sports, such as skiing," he adds.

However, Benji is not only worn everywhere but goes jogging or hiking together. "Today I'm starting to realize that Benji won't be so active for life. When he gets older, he'll be good enough to learn to sit in a backpack," Andrew, 30, thinks.

Today, their Instagram account is watched by over 65,800 fans, and it happens to both of them that people stop them on the street. Andrew is proud of his animal friendship and hopes to inspire other people to start actively living with his four-legged pets.

Their greatest experience to date has been a visit to an alligator farm in Louisiana. After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, they intend to travel to Europe.

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