How To Become A Good Marketer?

How To Become A Good Marketer? - Moniedism

If you can't imagine all kinds of "marketers", you can't say that you're top-notch. To imagine the feelings of various consumers, it is a shortcut to cut money, experience as many things as possible, and actively meet many people without "dislike".

There are various purchasing groups in the world

Some people enjoy cheap shopping, such as $5 shops for shopping and fast fashion for clothes, while others enjoy a $1000 dinner, visit restaurants that require reservations, and have a luxurious cruise dinner once a month. There are a wide variety of consumers in the world, such as high-end people whose hobbies are horse riding.

Marketers must be able to understand the feelings of these different consumers. "Experience value" is what matters. By actually spending money and experiencing various people's experiences, you will be able to understand the purchasing motivation of various people.

Especially if you want to be a first-class marketer, it is important to understand the feelings of the wealthy people who have purchasing power, and you should experience horseback riding, cruise dinners, sushi restaurants that require reservations, etc.

What is required of marketers?

What kind of work is a marketer in the first place? Generally, it refers to a person who is familiar with marketing strategies and market trends and specializes in product development and sales promotion and is regarded as an important position that influences sales in a company. It is not uncommon for marketers to make catchphrases of their products that affect the company's performance.

When a company develops a product development or sales promotion strategy, it sets a "persona". A persona is an image of a user who purchases and uses the product/service, and a company generally develops the product/service according to this persona.

Here, the ability of marketers is questioned. If the marketer knows exactly what kind of mentality the persona has, what kind of dissatisfaction he has, what makes him happy, etc., he will not misunderstand the correct direction of development. ..

If the company's marketers have knowledge of different buyers, they may be able to find new targets for their products and services.

Expand your interests and meet as many experiences as possible

To be successful as a marketer in these professions, you should have as much "experience" and "encounter" as possible. To that end, it is necessary to have the spirit to broaden the range of interests and take on various challenges. Challenges become an experience, create opportunities for encounters, and increase your sensitivity as a marketer.

"Playing well" also leads to experiences and encounters. There is an idea of "learn well and play well", and in English, there is a saying "All work and no play makes a Jack a dull boy".

Of course, depending on how you play, you may not be able to broaden your insights or meet people, but it is very important to know what people are enjoying and enjoying.

Let's actively jump into the real world without relying too much on classroom lectures

"Theory" is important for good marketing, but it is also important to actively jump into the real world without relying too much on classroom lectures. It costs money to do that, but if you step into a world you didn't know, you'll see something you didn't see before as a marketer.

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