What Are The Benefits Of Being A YouTuber?

What Are The Benefits Of Being A YouTuber? - Moniedism

The existence of a "YouTuber" who is active in various genres is not uncommon. What are the merits of choosing becoming a YouTuber, which many people upload videos with "no appearance" so as not to affect their main business? This time, I will explain the merits of becoming a YouTuber and how much you can actually earn.

Benefits of becoming a YouTuber

There are three main merits of becoming a YouTuber.

・ Earn income while making the most of your hobbies and skills
・ You can start with relatively little initial investment
・ You can build "assets"
・ You can acquire video production skills, etc.

Earn income while making the most of your hobbies and skills

YouTuber's main revenue is "advertising revenue." In order to earn advertising revenue, you need to apply for the "YouTube Partner Program (YPP)" and be admitted to participate. Approval of participation requires that certain conditions be met, such as the number of subscribers, the number of views, and the quality of the video, so even if you start publishing YouTube videos, you will not be able to earn advertising revenue immediately.

Another point is that it complies with the content guidelines. There is no clear standard for the number of subscribers who are allowed to participate, but it seems that many people say that "the number of registered channels is about 1,000 and passed the examination."

You can start with relatively little initial investment

One of the reasons why more and more people are trying to make YouTube a side business is that it doesn't cost much initial investment. 

If you have a smartphone that can shoot videos and software that edits videos, you can upload videos to YouTube. It will be attractive to be able to start without having to prepare digital cameras that are as good as professionals, expensive tripods, equipment such as lights, and professional editing software. 

The posted content also contains my hobbies and skills, and if the shooting location is also at home, you can make your YouTuber debut without spending as much money as possible.

Can build "assets"

Generally, there are two types of income that people earn: "labor income" and "asset income." Of these, labor income is characterized by "one-off" income, asset income is characterized by "continuous" income, and advertising income from YouTube videos takes on the nature of the latter asset income. 

It takes time to shoot and edit videos, but once videos uploaded to YouTube become popular, you may be able to continue to earn advertising revenue.

In other words, the video content that you create and own becomes an "asset." Since asset income can be one of the sources of income that supports life after retirement in the future, it seems that few people become YouTubers to build "assets".

You can acquire video production skills, etc.

One of the merits of becoming a YouTuber is that you can acquire new shooting skills and editing skills by becoming a YouTuber to produce videos. 

Many companies now have official YouTube channels and update them regularly. With the video production skills cultivated in the side business, there is a possibility that companies and sole proprietors who are planning to expand into YouTube in the future may undertake the work of video content production.

In addition, it may be possible to develop into a seminar business where you can convey your own video production skills online. There will be a way such as consulting for those who aim to become YouTuber. Of course, even if it's not such a big dream, there is a realistic way to earn income with the skills cultivated in video production. For example, many jobs related to video editing are posted on job sites for cloud workers.

How much can I earn? Do I need to file a tax return?

YouTube advertising revenue varies depending on the number of times the video is played and the unit price of the video, but it is said to be around $0.00092 per playback. In this case, 100,000 playback costs $90, and 1 million playback costs $900. 

Actually, the total number of monthly views of multiple videos is linked to the monthly income, so the more popular videos you make, the higher the monthly income tends to be.

For those who already have a salary in their main business, the advertising income of the YouTuber is classified as "miscellaneous income". If your miscellaneous income exceeds $1800 a year, you will need to file a tax return. 

Income is the amount after deducting necessary expenses, not the actual advertising-income, so it is calculated as "advertising income-necessary expenses = income". Tax returns must be filed between February 15th and March 16th of the year following the year of income (January 1st to December 31st).

The idea of ​​becoming a YouTuber to start a business

As the diversity of work styles and lifestyles is being recognized, entrepreneurship, freelance activities, and side businesses are becoming more familiar. 

If you can earn a stable income from a side job, you can expect a stable income even after starting a business. Becoming a YouTuber may be one of the modern options in terms of securing a source of income from the side business for starting a business.

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