12 Ways To Become Rich

12 Ways To Become Rich - Moniedism

What it really takes to become rich, things you have to give up, and do. Do you want to become rich? If you answered YES, then you need to read this article?

Did you know that 80% of your actions will determine whether you will be successful or not, this tells us that our success is based on what we do, and what we do is based on the decisions we make.

So if you want to speed up the journey to wealth you will have to give up some and adopt the following 10 habits, do this for a year, and come back to thank us in the comments section I can't wait to share this with you.

We will start off with six things that you should stop doing and six things you should start doing immediately.

12. Stop impulse buying 

This is simply the unplanned purchase of goods and services that you don't need, and by need I mean without them you can comfortably survive.

First things first before we even get into this do you have a plan for the things you want to buy do you know the items you buy frequently, that is every other month or week, do you know how much your weekly gas expenses cost, if not you should start by drafting a list of your expenses.

Start the next month by writing down everything you spend money on, from there you will identify a trend or pattern. 

Once you've gathered all this information draft a master finance plan, this will include a list of recurrent expenses and any other costs you have to incur, once you do this you can stop purchasing irrelevant items that are not on your to-buy list be disciplined with every single dollar you have and only spend it when you must.

11. Stop Multitasking 

You only have one brain, two hands, and two feet so why are you trying to do 10 things at the same time?

You want to launch your business, you are working two jobs, you have a side hustle freelancing gig and you're raising two toddlers, let's be honest if this is your lifestyle then it's only a matter of time before it all crumbles down, handle one important project at a time if you have multiple things going on you won't have the capacity to give each one of them your level best, well unless you're a robot.

Evaluate your daily to-do lists, your jobs, and all other projects that require an ample amount of time and energy. Cut off tasks that require too much effort and have the lowest returns.

10. Stop settling for less 

Don't take that job if you're aware your employer is underpaying you, if you have the skills and know-how settle for what, you're worth this should apply to all aspects of your life never settle for less than what you're worth.

Don't waste too much time on things or projects, that won't bear fruits, for example, if you are working in a company that doesn't promote its employees often so you've been stuck in the same role for years, you better pack your bags and leave immediately.

Be aware of unhealthy relationships where you are being used, cut ties with people who don't value you, when you start appreciating yourself you will create a mindset of being capable of achieving things, and slowly by slowly you will build your wealth, it may sound like the dumbest item on our list but try this for a year and see where you'll be.

Many millionaires believe that true wealth starts from the inside, when you stop settling for less you will only leave room for the best.

9. Stop hanging out with the wrong company 

Here's the reality, the habits of your friends rub off on you, so if you want to be successful hang around with successful people, doesn't matter how much you love your peers if they aren't progressive you'll be left there with them.

Ever wondered why the rich only have rich friends? it's not that they are classist, the main reason is that they only have things in common with other rich people, they share similar habits, so it's easier to remain friends with other rich people.

Find a tribe of people that work hard, invest money consistently, learn a lot, and attend educative seminars and workshops, don't waste your time with people who will only move you backward this is the sad reality.

8. Stop giving up

This is possibly one of the hardest things you have to stop doing, let's say you just lost your job or even your business just went bankrupt, what do you do? it's easier to just give up and quit on life right? the harder alternative would be to figure out a sustainable solution for your situation.

However, it's important to always remember that every time you give up you have to start all over again, by giving up on your business venture, you'll have to start a whole new business all over again and chances are you will still face similar challenges.

The best way to handle a difficult situation is to find a solution, if your company is failing, identify the reasons why then research possible solutions. 

If you have just lost your job find out why you were laid off, if the reasons for being laid off are within your control, then you likely need to change some aspects about your work ethic, otherwise the same thing will happen in your next job.

Never let emotions take over your actions instead let rational and critical thinking determine your next steps.

7. Stop being lazy 

Many poor people are in financial status, they aren't happy with because they're lazy.

Business Insider states that 72% of the self-made millionaires made it through hard work. So it's not just by sheer luck that they built their empires but through their efforts.

The average millionaire wakes up at 4:30 a.m every day, works out, and has a routine, every other day. What's your routine? would you say you wake up early? aside from your work routine, do you have any other routines? If not, start today, create a daily outline of things to do right from the moment you wake up to when you sleep, you'll realize you probably have a lot of time wasted in between.

6. Start researching various opportunities 

Always research and read, find out what's happening in the economy and stay updated with business news, by doing this you'll be able to find new opportunities to grow, also read books as much as you can.

The average millionaire reads about 4 books every month and chances are you've probably heard this before but do you really practice this if you don't start right away.

Please note: we aren't talking about fiction books but self-development, instructional books, written by industry experts, after all, they do say

feed your brain and your pockets will grow

5. Start diversifying your investments 

Remember the saying that you should never put all your eggs in one basket, well apply this in your life, have a diversified portfolio of investments. 

You don't have to earn ten thousand dollars a month to start investing, start by saving bits of any money, you make and invest in any good opportunity you get.

Remember we mentioned that you should always research and read a lot, now here's where you'll apply the knowledge you learned before you have enough monetary assets to hire an experienced financial advisor, you have to do the work yourself as you invest remember never put all your eggs in one basket.

4. Start attending masterclasses 

Aside from reading, attend master classes today with the power of the internet you can literally attend classes from anywhere in the world within your comfort zone.

These classes could help you upgrade your skills to get a better paying job, these classes could also educate you on managing finances or investing which could elevate your financial status.

You could also learn a new skill that you can offer in the market the opportunities with learning are endless stay hungry for information. 

3. Start asking for help 

If you need help, don't shy away from asking whether you need help in getting another job or financing for your business or whatever it is just ask, someone probably knows someone who knows someone whose company is hiring or they could have money to invest in your business idea.

If you're a genuine person with good relationships with people, then it won't be hard to get the assistance you need, most people who have built million and billion-dollar companies, all had to ask for help at some point.

Understand that you can't do it all by yourself, asking for help isn't degrading as society tries to make it, set that ego aside and ask around for people to crowdfund your business. 

2. Have a plan 

Sometimes plans don't work, and sometimes they do, they say that you'll probably accomplish sixty percent of what you write down, so why not start today write down your intentions your life goals, and what you want to achieve.

As you write this, be as realistic as possible it's not practical to have a goal that says I want a 10 million dollar home in the next two years, and you only have a thousand dollars in the bank.

See where I'm going with this it's not entirely impossible and there's nothing wrong with dreaming big, but try to be reasonable as you draft the list just as in business, ensure your goals are smart, which means they should be specific measurable attainable realistic and timely.

1. Start branding yourself 

How do you want people to perceive you? when people look at you what do you want them to think when you walk into a room? what do you want people to see? build your brand through how you dress how you talk to the people you associate with and even what you post on social media.

Be a credible person with integrity, and opportunities will flock your way, as you build your brand be as authentic as possible, don't copy other people, and try to stay true to yourself there are a lot of untapped opportunities in branding.

When people know what you're all about, it will be easier to sell merchandise services or courses online, if that's the route you want to take you'll be invited as a guest speaker in different forums, you can slowly grow as a public figure and the opportunities from there will be endless, it will only be a matter of time before you are a millionaire.

I bet you learned a few things about, how you can grow your wealth and become rich, if you enjoyed this article, please share it with your loved ones so they can grow with you.

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